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Google prepares a dahscam function for Android

Both Google with Android and Apple with iOS closely observe the content of their app stores , as well as the interest that they generate in users, something that is the most normal thing in the world, and there are many reasons to explain it. Now, from time to time, both technologies have surprised us by taking a function that initially could only be obtained through third-party apps or plug-ins, to add it natively to their operating systems. This is positive for users, of course, but also a nuisance for developers whose income depended on these apps, and because of this they are forced to improve them enough so that users are still willing to pay for them.

Well, it seems that Google is going to do it again, and in this case with a function that can mean significant financial savings for users who can take advantage of it. As we can read in 9to5Google , Google is preparing a dashcam function for Android , which will allow us to use a smartphone to constantly capture video when we are driving, an especially practical function if we suffer some type of mishap that we need to document in some way.

A quick look at Google Play is enough to verify that there is a very extensive offer of apps that are used to provide this function to Android smartphones, some of which have excellent ratings from their users. However, if the scope of this feature that Google is working on is wide enough (I’ll explain this later), it will likely be the circumstance that I mentioned at the beginning, because the convenience of a feature built into the operating system, Added to the fact that this translates into not having to share data with an app designed by a third party , it makes this possibility much more attractive.

Google prepares a dahscam function for Android

As I said, a key point will be the scope of the dashcam function for Android and that is that, at least in the first instance, it will initially only reach Google Pixel smartphones, as well as a small selection of third-party devices , such as the Nothing Phone (1). However, it may not take us too long to find out since, according to said publication, its development already seems so advanced that its release could take place very, very soon.

The dashcam function is found in the Emergency app , Google’s own and currently present in the Google Pixel and some additional models, which are the ones we can imagine will also receive this function. However, it is possible that Google has established some additional requirement, such as that their camera has some image stabilization function, which prevents the vibrations that are commonly produced in vehicles when they circulate from negatively affecting quality. of capture.


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