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Graphics card prices have no intention of going down despite improved availability

The prices of dedicated graphics cards continue to skyrocket well above the cost set by the manufacturers and there seems to be no way to reverse the situation. The latest situation report published by 3DCenter using data from European retailers shows a worrying reality.

There were positive signs last summer suggesting that graphics card prices would gradually decline after falling from the insane highs in May. However, as you may have suffered in your flesh, the necessary fall has not been reflected in the second semester. Only in this way can it be understood that a graphics like the NVIDIA GTX 1650 with more than three years old is the best-selling one .

The 3DCenter report has been prepared using data from large retailers such as Mindfactory, Caseking, Computeruniverse, and others. It has been carried out for the German market, but the situation can be extrapolated to other countries such as Spain or regions, because the same happens in Asia or America.

The medium has used the sales data of the main dedicated series in the industry, the GeForce 3000 from NVIDIA and the Radeon RX 6000 (RDNA 2) from AMD. The prices of these cards are above the manufacturer’s recommended at launch (MSRP) by + 89% and + 85% respectively . And that’s on average, because some models multiply the launch official by more than two.

Los precios de las tarjetas gráficas no tienen intención de bajar a pesar de la mejora de disponibilidad 31

The graph reflects another worrying trend . During the fourth quarter of 2021, from October to the beginning of December, there was a moment of great improvement in the availability of the cards. However, prices, rather than falling, actually rose, indicating that the end of the chip shortage (not expected until 2023) may not bring the expected price decline.

This situation endangers the recovery of the PC market observed in 2020 when the need for new infrastructure managed to increase sales after a decade of declines and leaves the important segment of PC games in limbo. Without reasonably priced dedicated graphics cards there is no one to play .

Intel’s re-entry into dedicated after 20 years should be a breath of fresh air, an alternative to the duopoly of AMD and NVIDIA and the great dominance of the latter, although we do not know the final prices of the Arc Alchemist [19459007 ], its level of performance, and especially whether Intel will be able to provide enough drive availability to increase inventory and lower prices. The lack of chips, the insatiable crypto miners and the shameful speculation have drowned millions of users who surely need to update their equipment. We will see in 2022.



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