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How to download your conversations with Bing

You will surely remember, because we told you about it yesterday, that Microsoft Bing already shows the conversation history , a function that we have been waiting for a long time (well, a long time in the context of Bing and the enormous speed with which Microsoft rolls out new functions ) and, therefore, allows us to recover previous conversations, either to pick them up where we left off, or simply to review them for whatever reason.

To those who make very sporadic use of this chatbot, having access to “old” conversations may seem irrelevant or unnecessary, but anyone who has had a certain volume of chats with Bing is surely thinking right now that it I wish I could recover at least some of them. But of course, until now the only way to achieve it was to try to repeat the conversation , crossing our fingers so that the answers obtained in that repetition were similar to those of the original. But, of course, we do not always remember the development of the conversation, and we are not sure that the chatbot will tell us the same thing.

In my case, I have had the most varied conversations, from music to cooking recipes, going through science, technology and health, to mention just a few topics, and in some cases I have taken notes about them in external applications, a method not very practical but, until now, it was the only option, beyond the sharing option already available on Bing, but on many occasions it only shares a small part of the conversation.

How to download your conversations with Bing

With the history feature, Microsoft has solved this point, but there are still reasons why you might want to save a conversation outside of the service itself, and the good news is that it’s now easier than ever. Because? Well, because along with the history, Bing has also received the function of exporting conversations . So, if from now on there are any that you would like to keep, I recommend that you export them and then keep them safe.

Its operation is very simple. As you can see, when you access the chatbot , if you place the mouse pointer over any of the conversations shown in the history, a contextual menu appears with a pencil (which allows us to modify the title of the conversation), a trash can (which you will have already deduced that it is used to eliminate it) and an icon of three ellipsis. Clicking on the latter will display a new menu with two entries, Share and Export.

How to download your conversations with Bing

So when you click on “Export”, three new entries will appear on the right, with the various formats in which you can download the conversation: PDF, Word (Docx) and text (txt) . You just have to click on the format you prefer, download the file in the usual way and, in this way, you will already have that copy of the conversation.


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