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Intel Meteor Lake will bring AI computing to the PC

For those who still harbor doubts about the future of artificial intelligence , Intel and Microsoft today made an announcement that should be understood as a huge boost and further confirmation that this technology is here to stay. It is true, yes, that there may be minor or major adjustments, which will affect the degree of presence of AI in our lives, but what we cannot have any doubts about is that it will not go where it came from.

As you know, Microsoft Build 2023 is being held these days , a Redmond event aimed especially at developers, in which artificial intelligence is playing a huge role, as we told you yesterday when the company presented Windows Copilot , the AI-based assistant that will begin to be integrated into Windows 11 starting next month, and that takes a lot of what the company has already learned thanks to the new Bing.

Well, the company was keeping another big announcement, although this one does not come exclusively from its own engineering teams, but from the collaboration with Intel , the other great technological giant with which, for decades, it has maintained a close collaboration, the result of which the Wintel platform (Windows + Intel) has managed to become the standard in terms of desktop computing. And now both companies reinforce their commitment to artificial intelligence.

Intel Meteor Lake will bring AI computing to the PC

Thus, as we can read in the official announcement of the technology, Intel and Microsoft will bring artificial intelligence computing to the PC with Meteor Lake , the future generation of Intel processors. To that end, Intel will take advantage of the 14th generation Intel Core chiplet design (if it doesn’t rename it, as has been rumored for some time) to integrate a VPU (Vision Processing Unit for its acronym in English). that, in combination with AI accelerators on the CPU and GPU, will allow desktop systems to be able to carry out operations that, until now, are reserved for systems with higher computing capacity, such as workstations. work and servers

Intel’s communication specifically mentions both certain tasks in Adobe Premiere Pro and its machine learning capabilities , two areas where many users stand to gain greatly. But, beyond this, the technology company speaks of a long-term plan, of several years, which leads us to think that in future iterations of the company’s processors for the PC market we will see interesting news in this regard. And since this is mentioned in the context of the collaboration with Microsoft, we can expect that these have a very direct application in the products and services of those of Redmond.

This completely breaks with the current paradigm , in which services based on artificial intelligence have already reached users but, in general, they run on the infrastructure of the companies that offer them. If a PC is capable of carrying out certain AI computing operations autonomously, the potential of artificial intelligence will grow exponentially, by making it no longer dependent on system connectivity and external systems.


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