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Interesting update to the Windows 11 Start Menu

The Start Menu of the versions of Windows, and Windows 11 is no exception in this regard, is a very important element of the user interface of the Microsoft operating system . This is something that has been evident since its debut in Windows 95, and that ended up being perfectly clear when Microsoft bet everything on an interface more typical of smartphones and tablets with Windows 8, which is still remembered with cold sweat both inside as out of Redmond, and thankfully, for the vast majority, returned along with the classic Windows 8.1 desktop experience.

With the Start Menu it happens as with ice creams, there are tastes for all flavors, or flavors for all tastes . There are those who prefer that it include as many elements as possible, even in a format of concentration of elements comparable to that of the classic Winamp interface. Others, however, prefer cleaner designs, with fewer elements, as we could see in a third-party conceptual proposal (that is, not from Microsoft) to recover the format of the Windows XP Start Menu in Windows 11 , a concept that, personally, I find very attractive.

Be that as it may, and although the company claims to listen very carefully to user feedback , in the end it is Microsoft who decides on the design, components and operation of the Start Menu , which has always been subject to changes, but has undergone more evolution than never since the company introduced tiles in Windows 8.1. With each new version of Windows, and sometimes also with major system updates, we have found quite significant changes to the Start Menu.

Interesting update to the Windows 11 Start Menu

Well, again we find an update, although a different one from what we are used to. As we can read in Windows Latest , Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Windows 11 Start Menu that doesn’t seem to change anything . According to the company itself, this update does not add anything new to the menu, but ” improves the delivery of user experiences from the cloud .” Thus, it is a change that will be imperceptible to the vast majority of users, but that actually represents a very important change. Because?

The key is in what was previously indicated, the Start Menu, as a key element of the system, is only updated with changes in Windows versions or with major updates to the operating system, but on this occasion we are not facing an update of this type. . Thus, what we see in this update is that Microsoft is carrying out a test to update the menu, disaggregated from those of the operating system .

Thus, what we see is a first step so that, in the future, Microsoft can modify the Start Menu in a much more flexible way, for example with the servicepack Moments that debuted last year. Therefore, we can expect to see more frequency when it comes to introducing changes to the Windows 11 Start Menu . Is this good or bad news? Without a doubt, again, we are faced with something that will depend on the preferences of each one.


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