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Internet Explorer 11 returns from the dead and Microsoft confirms that it will continue to use it

On February 14 , Microsoft put an end to Internet Explorer 11 , the latest version of the well-known browser that marked an entire generation, and which became the most used worldwide before the explosion in popularity experienced by Google Chrome.

Microsoft did not mess around when it came to ending Internet Explorer 11, in fact it went as far as disabling it globally on all computers that had an active installation of said browser, and explained that from now on it would be necessary to use Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer compatibility mode.

It was a curious movement, because although it meant the death of Internet Explorer 11, the truth is that part of its components have continued to live in Microsoft Edge. This is necessary to maintain a good degree of compatibility, and to make sure that everything works as it should when using that browser with compatibility mode.

Internet Explorer 11

Everything seemed to be over, but today the Redmond giant has confirmed that Internet Explorer 11 will remain alive to meet certain issues , and that it will be accessible by Microsoft Edge in certain situations and in exceptional cases. The company has not gone into details, it has only commented that:

Additionally, changes will be made in the coming months to address a small subset of rare scenarios where Internet Explorer 11 will still be accessible by Edge. This ensures that users are accessing a more secure and compatible Microsoft browser.”

There is no doubt that all this is mainly due to a compatibility and security issue, and it seems that Microsoft has had no choice but to partially bring Internet Explorer 11 back to life to resolve those scenarios where compatibility, and the security, which you can achieve with Edge is not quite optimal.

Obviously, this does not mean that we will be able to use said browser again in a totally independent way, since that access to it will be done automatically through Edge , which suggests that Microsoft could somehow reinforce that integration that we already knew, and expand the number of parts and elements of it that are present in Edge.


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