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iPhone 15, fast wireless charging for everyone

We have been hearing all kinds of rumors and leaks for months about the future iPhone 15 , the next generation of Apple’s smartphone that, except for a huge surprise, will be presented sometime in the first half of September . Therefore, there are still a few months to go until we can confirm how true all the information we have already received about it is, as well as what is to come in the coming months and until September.

Something that does seem to be even more evident is the difference between the base models and the pro variants of the iPhone 15 . As we have already commented on a few occasions, this is understandable, but only up to a certain point. It is clear that if two models are called Pro and the other two are not, there must be differences that justify this nomenclature and, of course, the ostensible price difference between the two groups. However, extending the gap at the cost of substantially reducing the benefits and characteristics of the base models would be a direct attack on the users of the brand who prefer these models. Thus, Apple must know how to manage this difference wisely.

The main differences between the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus with respect to the Iphone 15 Pro and Pro Ultra will be the SoC, which in the latter will be the Apple A17 Bionic , the jump to curved OLED screens on the sides and reaching eight gigabytes of RAM memory . For its part, in the list of novelties that the four models will share, we find that they will share the main camera module , the titanium chassis , the farewell to the physical SIM card in Europe (the iPhone 14 in the United States no longer include it) and, of course, the expected USB-C port.

iPhone 15, fast wireless charging for everyone

Now, as we can read in Forbes , there is another novelty that will come with the future generation and that will be common to all four models, and that is that the future iPhone 15 will see its fast wireless charging grow up to 15 watts with all chargers , that is. , which will double its current capacity, of 7.5 watts, when we use a charger that does not have the MFi (Made For iPhone) certification, in what could be understood as a response (although curiously indirect, yes) to Thierry Breton’s statements about Apple’s hypothetical plans to limit USB-C charging speeds if users do not use certified chargers.

The Made For iPhone certification program aims to guarantee, according to Apple, the safety and reliability of the devices, but the truth is that these are always substantially more expensive , which is quite a deterrent for many users. And this also happens in the times when manufacturers no longer include chargers when you buy a new mobile.


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