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It is now possible to activate Windows XP offline and without risks

In 2014, the end of support for Windows XP took place, an operating system that has been considered by many as one of the best versions of Windows of all time. They are somewhat right, and that is that despite the fact that the end of its life cycle occurred 9 years ago, it still maintains a certain market share , and it is one of the most popular and most used versions in retro equipment.

This is precisely what is keeping the demand for Windows XP activations at a surprisingly high level , how well it gets along with old hardware of very different generations, and that is that we can run it without problems on computers based on Pentium II processors , Pentium III, Pentium IV, Athlon XP, Athlon 64 and even more current CPUs, such as the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad, or the first and second generation AMD Phenom.

It’s impossible to deny that Windows XP had a very long life, coexisting with some of the most important hardware components in history. Today it is still alive in many of those retro computers, but its activation had been conceived from the beginning to be one of the safest and most difficult in history, since for it to be completed it was Microsoft that had to do it over the Internet or via telephone.

It is now possible to activate Windows XP offline and without risks

It goes without saying that, with the end of support for Windows XP, it was no longer possible to activate that operating system . This is an important problem for those users who want to build retro PCs with hardware that gives the best of itself with said operating system, and also for those companies and professionals who have equipment and systems that depend on said operating system, either for reasons of compatibility or for a power issue.

The fact is that in the end, after almost 22 years since the launch of Windows XP, it has finally been possible to overcome the activation algorithm of said operating system that required, as I have mentioned, an Internet connection or of a phone call in order to be completed. It is no longer necessary to resort to an external server for activation, now it is possible to do it completely offline, and in a safe way.

Details of this achievement were shared back in April, but I’ve preferred to wait a bit to see how it evolves before sharing this information with you. Today I can confirm that it works, and that the “xp_activate32.exe” tool is capable of activating Windows XP installations offline, and without any problem. Its weight is only 18 kilobytes. Excellent news for lovers of retro, and also for those companies and professionals who still depend on Windows XP.


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