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Learn more about how technology affects work in the era of the hybrid company

The transformation that the company and work have undergone over the last three years has been clear, and many of the changes that had to be introduced in a hurry during the COVID-19 pandemic are here to stay, a reality that was possible thanks to to technology and that has shaped what we know as hybrid companies.

The hybrid work model consists of combining teleworking with face-to-face sessions , an approach that was not by chance, since it has a clear conciliatory nuance that seeks to reduce the impact that a total return to the office would have and, at the same time, allows the company take advantage of the best of both worlds. However, this new hybrid work model poses new challenges that need to be known and faced with the right tools.

Lenovo, one of the giants in the technology sector, is fully aware of this reality, and has produced an important report in which it has delved into this matter until reaching three very interesting conclusions that, in the end , will help us adapt the IT department of our company to this new world of hybrid work that we have created.

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According to Lenovo, these three keys revolve around the idea of reinforcing sustainability to reduce the environmental impact of IT teams, betting on teamwork with a well-tuned strategic configuration, providing employees with the right tools to get meetings where all participants feel integrated, and also in the use of service solutions , emphasizing complete IT management and remote support.

If you want to know more about this topic and discover very important things about intelligent transformation, individual productivity improvement, collaboration and business agility, don’t worry, you can download the complete report that contains all the information you needthrough this link , and totally free.


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