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Logitech joins the right to repair with iFixit

Many years ago (I would say around 15), I made a significant investment in a top-of-the-line Logitech mouse . I spend many hours a day in front of the PC, and as with the keyboard, I consider the mouse to be a very important tool in my work, and therefore I believe that it is worth assuming its economic cost, in exchange for the substantial improvement that both tools cause in my day to day. And I’m sure my hands and arms greatly appreciate that you do so.

As I said, it was a top of the range, and it was the first time that I had spent so much money on a mouse, although from the first moment I was aware that the investment had been worth it, and the short time that I was able to use it was, without a doubt, , most rewarding. But yes, you read that correctly, the experience was quite limited in terms of its duration, since due to a combination of circumstances it suffered a rather violent end (accidental, of course), shortly after buying it. And that was not the mouse’s fault, of course, since no device would have withstood such a blow.

The first thing I thought of, after cursing for a few minutes, was the possibility of repairing it, but when I contacted Logitech’s technical service, they told me that, unfortunately, it was not possible and, of course, the guarantee did not cover damage from blows, falls, etc. (logically, of course). So, with all the pain in my heart, I had to go through the checkout again and get another similar model that, yes, I treated with more care and it lasted me a few years.

Logitech joins the right to repair with iFixit

I have told you that story so that you understand why this news seems so tremendously positive to me. And it is that, as we can read in The Verge , Logitech has partnered with iFixit to support the right to repair users . Recognized as a consumer right in the European Union , the right to repair allows the useful life of devices to be substantially extended, combating practices such as planned obsolescence and encouraging manufacturers to provide their users with all the necessary means so that they can repair your devices.

For its part, iFixit began as a web page that documented the disassembly and repair processes of devices and, over time, also began to sell tools and spare parts to facilitate these operations. Thanks to his great work, he has managed to become a reference in this regard, something that has allowed him to reach agreements with technology companies such as Microsoft , which translates into enormous benefits for its users.

iFixit already has, for a long time, information on the disassembly and repair of Logitech devices, but now and thanks to this agreement, the website will also be able to directly offer the necessary spare parts to carry out said repairs . In the first phase of this collaboration, which will start next summer, replacement parts for Logitech MX Master and MX Anywhere mice will be offered, although we can understand that the list will be expanded later, and we hope that it will do so with each time nearest Logitech G Cloud .


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