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Logitech Signature M650: different sizes, colors and left-handed

Starting the year strong, Logitech has just introduced the new Signature M650 , a comfortable and practical wireless mouse designed under different sizes, to offer the best experience for the greatest Users quantity. All this in a device that doesn’t compromise, with features like SmartWheel scrolling, 90% quieter clicks, and a contoured design that makes working faster and more comfortable than ever.

Available in up to three different sizes, with an option specifically designed for left-handers , this family of mice comes in a contoured format, with a soft thumb area and a rubber side grip designed to improve the comfort of use during the longest days.

Whether you’re working on a document or browsing a web page, the Signature M650’s smart wheel offers precision when you need it and speed in an instant. On the other hand, thanks to its compatibility with Logitech Options+ , we will also have the possibility to customize the side buttons with favorite shortcuts and some special functions.

Logitech Signature M650 colores

Thus, all mouse variants incorporate SilentTouch technology , which reduces click noise by 90% compared to the Logitech M185 Mouse, ideal for clicking during a video call. In addition, with M650 you enjoy a powerful wireless connection and a battery that lasts up to two years, which provides complete peace of mind.

The Signature M650, available in off-white, graphite and pink, works with virtually all operating systems: from Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS and ipadOS to Android. Connects in a snap via Bluetooth (R Low Energy or the Logi Bolt USB receiver).

In addition, these mice are presented under the brand’s new commitment to sustainable design , which takes into account the environmental and social impact from the moment the raw materials are obtained until the end of their useful life. And it is that part of the plastic parts of Signature M650 are made with post-consumer recycled plastic (PET-PCR): 64% for graphite, 26% for off-white and 26% for pink.

Availability and price

Currently available for purchase, the Logitech Signature M650 are available through the brand’s official web store under a price of 46.99 euros for all its variants and colors; in addition to other local distributors around the world such as Amazon or PcComponentes.



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