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Microsoft and NVIDIA bring 'Gears 5' to GeForce Now, the first Xbox game to hit the service

Microsoft and NVIDIA reached a ten-year agreement last February to make games owned by the former available through GeForce Now, the latter’s streaming service. Now the two companies have announced the arrival of Gears 5 to GeForce Now , thus becoming the first Xbox game that can be played through the NVIDIA service.

The arrival of Gears 5 is just the beginning of the journey of the Xbox catalog by GeForce Now. This movement, apart from being an attempt to promote the execution of video games in the cloud and through transmission, is a deepening of the policy that Microsoft has adopted to publish the intellectual properties that it owns beyond its domains, something that began to consolidate over time. as of the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam.

Getting back to the topic at hand, Gears 5 landing on GeForce Now is just in time to take advantage of the six-month 40% discount on the priority subscription that ends this weekend , so the fastest access to the game already more of 1,600 titles in the GeForce Now library is, for now, more affordable. Plus, there’s also a new app update and new titles that members can watch via streaming (or streaming , which is the buzzword).

We remember that Gears 5 is the latest installment in the Gears of War saga and has been developed by The Coalition, a company that took over from Epic Games after it decided to disassociate itself after the publication of the third installment. Gears 5 features a campaign that can be played solo or cooperatively, and a multiplayer mode to team up with friends. With its publication on GeForce Now, users have the possibility to use their copy of Steam to play it by streaming through multiple devices and with the best possible performance .

NVIDIA and Microsoft

The arrival of Gears 5 to GeForce Now using the version of the game published on Steam is just the beginning, as Microsoft and NVIDIA are working to get titles like Deathloop , Grounded and Pentiment starting on May 25 . While initially required to use copies obtained from Valve’s platform, the streaming service is expected to be able to support the Microsoft Store in the coming months. Moving a bit away from the Microsoft spectrum,Tin Hearts and The Outlast Trials are two other titles added to GeForce Now via Steam.

Along with the beginning of the landing of Xbox games on GeForce Now has arrived version 2.0.52 of the streaming service’s official app , which has introduced support for viewing promotional tags in games in builds for Windows and macOS. This allows users to easily see things like new DLC, discounts, free games, and more.

Finally, we remind you that reservations for the Logitech G CLOUD have recently been opened in Spain, the console of the peripheral company of Swiss origin that focuses on games through transmission, which obviously includes a GeForce Now that is supported officially.


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