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Microsoft and NVIDIA collaborate to advance the reach of AI

If there are two great technology companies whose names we currently associate with artificial intelligence, those are undoubtedly Microsoft and NVIDIA . The first, because of the speed at which it is adopting this technology to include it in its products and services, and the second, both because of the large number of experiments that come out of its laboratories, and because of the importance that its GPUs have acquired in terms of computing. AI model computation.

As you will remember, just yesterday we told you that Intel and Microsoft have started an important collaboration that will bring artificial intelligence computing closer to the PC . For those who do not fully understand the concept, it must be clarified that it is not the same to make use of services based on artificial intelligence from the PC, something for which the computing functions fall on the IT infrastructure that provides the service through the network, than making a home PC capable of autonomously carrying out AI-based operations. The first fruit of this collaboration will be the integration of a neural VPU (Vision Processing Unit) into future Meteor Lake chipsets.

I admit that when I heard (and then wrote) that news, the name of NVIDIA was persistently hanging around my head . That Intel’s ICs add features and components (thanks to their chiplet -like architecture) to bring AI computing closer to the desktop seems like a big step forward to me, but for a plan in that direction, if ambitious enough, NVIDIA GPUs with their enormous level of expertise in artificial intelligence, they should also be highly regarded.

Microsoft and NVIDIA collaborate to advance the reach of AI

Well, after all it seems that my reflection on the matter made a lot of sense (that one can also be wrong and therefore is wrong, of course). Thus, as we can read in The Montley Fool , Microsoft and NVIDIA have announced an agreement to collaborate in the evolution of artificial intelligence . This is not, of course, the first collaboration between the two giants, in fact a couple of years ago they announced their plans to create a supercomputing platform dedicated to AI.

This new collaboration is established on several fronts, but the one that interests us the most here is, without a doubt, the one related to the user computing market, that is, with the world of the PC. In this sense, Microsoft has announced the incorporation of new functions in Windows 11 (and we understand that also in future versions of the operating system), which will allow developers to create AI algorithms that can run autonomously on desktop systems , bringing This mode further AI computing to the PC.

These functions, yes, are supported by NVIDIA hardware and, given that both collaborations have been announced only hours apart, we can understand that the approach is that the processor, GPU and operating system can work together thanks to these new Windows functions. This, of course, explains why there is talk of a new generation of artificial intelligence applications , and it is that this leap would be fully justified if its hallmark is that it eliminates dependence on external services, by making it possible to run autonomously in a pc.


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