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Microsoft launches a Bing widget for Android and iOS

After an explosive launch, in terms of deployment speed and news, the last few weeks have been somewhat quieter in terms of Bing . It is true that a few weeks ago the waiting list to access the chatbot officially ended , but if we look at relevant news, it does seem that the waters are now going down a bit calmer. But they continue to drop, of course, because Microsoft is not willing to give up the advantageous position it currently maintains over Google in terms of services based on artificial intelligence.

This is understandable, because as we already mentioned on more than one occasion, and I’m sure you also noticed a few months ago, the pace of the first few weeks was hectic and, therefore, difficult to maintain in the medium and long term , in addition to the fact that With that speed, Microsoft was exposed to news about Bing ceasing to be news, thus losing much of the media focus that they knew how to maintain during the first weeks.

Now, despite that slowdown, we’ve known for some time that the engineering teams are working on some long-awaited features. The most anticipated is, without a doubt, the conversation history , something that a few months ago we learned is on the list of priority functions, that is, those that should arrive sooner rather than later, and it is also known that smartphones are in the point of view of those from Redmond , and that therefore we can expect more news about it

Microsoft launches a Bing widget for Android and iOS

Well, precisely in this last sense, in that of smartphones, is where we find one of the most notable innovations of the Redmond chatbot, and that is that according to what we can read on their blog , Microsoft has begun to deploy a widget direct access to Bing for Android and iOS , and is expected to reach all users throughout this week, we can understand that as an update to the existing one.

The currently available widget provides direct access to the search engine and, from it, it is possible to access Bing, but when this new plugin is available, it will be possible to query the Bing chatbot directly from it . In addition, the microphone button can also be used to make queries, by voice, to the chatbot, instead of to the search engine.

As you probably remember, a couple of weeks ago we told you that Google was working on a widget to bring Bard to Android , a pretty smart move, but one that again seems to have been ahead of Microsoft. This, added to the fact that the deployment of its chatbot has not yet reached the common European space , once again puts Bing in a position of clear advantage, once again compromising Google’s situation.


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