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Microsoft patents what could be the Surface Trio, a foldable device with three screens

After the rather discreet launch of the Surface Duo, and a market for folding devices with more and more participants, it seems that Microsoft is considering testing a new shape format for its next smart devices , going one step further in the use of folding screens.

Recently brought to light by Patently Apple , it should be noted that it was presented by the company on June 23, 2020 . Although the document does not refer to any name, referring to this terminal as “ a multi-panel display device “, without a doubt this nomenclature of Surface Trio created by the first users to discover and share this document seems more than adequate . Thus, in this document you can read some of the utilities and uses that this device would cover:

« Multi-panel displays can be useful in a variety of different scenarios. For example, multiple software application windows can be displayed on separate display panels at the same time. Multi-panel display devices can use a hinge to allow the display panels to fold in different directions (eg, inward / outward). Such folding capability allows multi-panel displays to have a larger total display area relative to a single portable display device similarly, while also allowing smaller folded dimensions relative to a non-display device. foldable offering the same viewing area «.

Patente Microsoft Surface Trio pantalla plegable triple (1)

Although the document is quite technical and dense, without a doubt the image included in it is quite enlightening, presenting a device practically identical to the Surface Duo, adding a screen.

Having said that, as we always want to remember that we must bear in mind that at the moment we are only talking about a patent , so there is no certainty that Microsoft will end up presenting this device officially. However, recently we have seen how other brands were also interested in this triple format.



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