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Microsoft says that Windows 11 is its most reliable system and that it has improved its performance

Microsoft is convinced that Windows 11 is the best operating system it has created (or at least that’s what it says to the public), so, in the wake of the publication of the latest update for version 22H2, Moment 3 , it has exposed the aspects in which it has been improved during the course of the last year.

The first thing that Microsoft has highlighted is a performance improvement of up to 15% in sections of the interface with which the user interacts frequently, including the taskbar, notifications and quick settings. The time required to reach the desktop has been reduced by approximately 10% and applications start up to more than 50% faster , depending on the case.

Regarding sustainability, the Redmond giant explains that Windows 11 exposes energy recommendations and includes a Windows Update that has been designed with the purpose of minimizing the carbon footprint, which has led to an average reduction of 6% in the power consumption for users using the recommended settings. Of course, the company could already have made Windows 11 not contribute to the generation of electronic waste .

Another point highlighted by Microsoft is that, from their point of view, ” Windows 11 is the most reliable version of Windows, with recent updates that continue to improve reliability .” While it is true that everyone here has their experience, the last two versions of the Microsoft system have been in the news on many occasions due to their problems and incidents . This is possibly due to insufficient testing of the updates before releasing them .

How application startup time has been improved in Windows 11

How the launch time of applications has been improved in Windows 11.

Although they have lost prominence compared to “native” applications, especially within the mobility sector, the use of web browsers is still widespread. The Redmond-based company has said that ” Microsoft Edge starts faster than ever and saves memory with features like Sleeping Tabs, up to 83% in background tabs .”

It cannot be denied that Microsoft has worked hard to make its web browser much more than a simple Chromium clone , with features that try to optimize aspects such as the use of RAM memory, a facet in which Google’s technology is usually very criticized, andsimplify the settings around privacy .

And as a last point among the highlights is that the official Teams application is now twice as fast and consumes half the resources. This is possibly influenced by the fact that those responsible decided to stop using Electron , a technology that greatly facilitates the creation of cross-platform applications, but which is highly criticized from many quarters because, to put it very simply, it is just a framework that allows you to introduce a self-contained website and serve it as an application.

Looking at more things that more or less directly affect the end user, there are the improvements introduced in the Windows 11 file explorer , among which there is one that prevents input-output operations to list files stored in the cloud , a reduction in processor usage, and bulk data deletion that is now 40% faster, with peaks as high as 67% .

Improved performance with bulk data deletion in Windows 11 File Explorer

Improved performance with bulk data deletion in Windows 11 file explorer.

Windows is by far the leading operating system for PC Gaming, so Microsoft couldn’t forget about that segment. The Redmond giant has mentioned that it has worked to reduce the stuttering that certain users have reported when using mice with high DPI. The goal, of course, is to provide a smooth, fast (with the lowest possible latency), fluid, and uninterrupted experience with these types of peripherals.

As we can see, Microsoft strives to provide the best experience through Windows 11, but today there are many who resist updating and remain in an apparently more mature Windows 10. The company is convinced that its latest operating system is the best, but the heterogeneous nature of the PC makes unanimity almost impossible to achieve.


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