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Microsoft wants Firefox to leave Google and go to Bing

Appearances are deceiving, goes the saying. And rightly so: did you really think Google was in trouble with Bing’s outburst with artificial intelligence? Nothing could be further from the truth , and it is that beyond the future and according to the statistics, the level with which Google dominates the search market is unmatched by anything you compare it to, be it browsers or operating systems.

So you may be hearing a lot more about Bing these days than you have in recent years, that the numbers, however inaccurate they may be, do have meaning. And, going back to the statistics and making a comparison, Bing is to Google, what Linux is to Windows. That, taking into account all the means of using search services, on PC and more importantly these days, on mobile.

Total, that Microsoft will try to put Firefox in the butxaca again , proactively this time, and not simply letting Mozilla try options, as happened a couple of years ago . So, at least, they’re reporting it on The Information , where they allude to senior executives from the software giant as the source of the story. And yes, artificial intelligence does play its role, but only in a sweet way.


The truth is that the usual agreement between Mozilla and Google by which the search engine is placed as a default option in Firefox ends this year, then it will have to be renegotiated . Each party, as always, will try to scratch what they can, that is, less and more money, and although Google is in a privileged position because it already has Chrome, which is number one among browsers, and Firefox has shown the decline in In recent years, things are not that simple.

On the one hand, because Google doesn’t want Firefox to go under for monopoly reasons, on the other because no matter how sad Bing’s situation is, Microsoft has the money to seize the opportunity and scratch what it can. By the end of 2022, it was estimated that Firefox had some 360 million users worldwide, counting all the platforms on which the browser is available. that is, less than Microsoft Edge, if we look at the statistics. But it all adds up.

Of course, there remains the question of dignity. The dignity of Mozilla, an organization whose talk on privacy matters little corresponds to how they act, see this case as an example. And although the dilemma of survival is well founded, firing hundreds of workers while managers keep their million-dollar salaries or maintain offices in some of the most expensive places in the world, says little about a supposed non-profit organization.


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