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Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 11 and keeps showing ads

Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 11 , and to get there it’s adopting a strategy that, frankly, reminds me a lot of what we lived with Windows 10 back then, in that it’s displaying full-screen ads that are not only hard to skip , but which are also insistent because, even closing the first ad, another one appears that invites us to “rethink” our decision to switch from said operating system.

Let’s be honest, this is annoying, but to some extent I can understand Microsoft deciding to offer a one-time user the ability to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. The problem is in what I have told you, that these ads have the options to reject the update quite hidden, and that they are insistent, so much so that in the last four months it has come out three times . Yes, it comes out almost once a month, and this seems too much to me.

I think Microsoft should rethink the approach and strategy it’s taking to encourage users to upgrade to Windows 11, and if it wants to have a better chance of success in this regard, it should take advantage of those full-screen ads to display to the user, synthesized, compelling reasons that encourage you to upgrade to said operating system . On the other hand, you should also move the “keep Windows 10” option to a much more visible and clear area, instead of leaving it all the way down in a more difficult to see area.

Windows 11 requirements test

The last ad to upgrade to Windows 11 came up just this weekend, and despite all the times I’ve seen it I couldn’t see the option to skip the ad the first time, and then I had to skip it again for a second ad. I will tell you my experience so that you can see to what extent Microsoft has approached this in the wrong way.

As for the insistence, showing the same ad so many times is a problem because in the end it ends up tiring the user. This is another thing that Microsoft should change, and I think it shouldn’t show the same ad more than once every six months to each user. After all, if someone rejects Windows 11 on a specific day , they will most likely continue to reject it a month later. It could only change that reality in the medium or long term.

If you are wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 11, the truth is that it depends on your needs and the hardware configuration of your computer, but be clear that if you do not have a PC that doubles the minimum requirements, the user experience will not be acceptable . In my case, I have preferred to wait, but I use this operating system both on my laptop and on the test bench, and that is precisely what experience has helped me to decide that, for now, I prefer to stay on Windows 10. On this subject, already I shared with you six reasons why I’m not going to make the jump to Windows 11 .


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