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MSI MEG 271Q, a 300Hz mini LED ‘beast’ for competitive gamers

MSI MEG 271Q is a monitor that will delight the most demanding gamers, for its technology and especially for a refresh rate that reaches the current maximum on display screens: 300 Hz .

If manufacturers generally rely on the label gaming to promote their products, the one in question can really use it because it is a computer monitor exclusively designed for the most competitive gamers of electronic sports.

It is based on a IPS Rapid panel that offers a diagonal of 27 inches and a WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) quite high for the FHD that most of the users generally use. this type of monitors. The rest of the features shine at a high level, the response time is 1 millisecond and the refresh rate rises to the aforementioned 300 Hz. Covers 97% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and supports the high dynamic range function HDR1000 with what its maximum brightness can amount to a stratospheric 1000 nits.

It has NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE technology, the most advanced on the market in image synchronization . This feature dynamically matches the screen refresh rate with the frame rate of the graphics card. Unlike other solutions, this timing is offered without restrictions, admitting from zero hertz to the maximum supported by the panel. The result promises magnificent for any game, avoiding the typical tears, stutters, flickers or artifacts.


The MSI MEG 271Q also claims to be the first mini LED monitor created for esports . It has 500 local dimming zones and is a technology that promises to “square the circle” in modern display screens, offering the advantages of OLED, but without its drawbacks and at a lower price. In practice, this backlighting system offers high contrast ratios, a wide color gamut, deeper black tones, and enormous levels of brightness. We’ve seen it on devices like the latest iPad Pro and on the most advanced monitors.

MSI has not provided availability or pricing. It won’t be cheap, but it will be a reference on display screens for the most competitive players.



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