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MSI presents the SPATIUM M570 PRO as the fastest SSD on the market

MSI has introduced its new SPATIUM M570 PRO storage solution, an SSD that is touted as the fastest on the market with sequential reads exceeding 14 Gbytes per second .

The new SSDs connected to the PCIe 5 interface are going to arrive this year after quite a bit of a delay than expected and Computex 2023 that starts next week in Taiwan is a framework that many will use due to the appeal of the main Asian fair and the presence of the great manufacturers of the country.

MSI is one of them and advances news of interest. The SSD SPATIUM M570 PRO will be one of the star models that the manufacturer will exhibit at the fair. It has been specifically designed to break performance records and set new standards in the storage industry . And it is that if hard drives were at the time a huge bottleneck, the latest generations of solid state drives have caught up in speed along with the rest of the PC components.


It is a typical unit in M.2 2280 format, with support for the latest version of the protocol and connected to a PCIe 5.0 slot. The manufacturer of the 3D NAND flash memory used or the amount of cache memory has not been provided, but the controller used, perhaps the most important component of an SSD today.

And it is an old acquaintance , the Phison E26 that several integrators are using. It is a development with two ARM Cortex-R5 cores and three proprietary CoXProcessor 2.0 accelerators integrated on a chip using TSMC’s 12nm manufacturing processes. It is intended to accelerate workloads on next-generation NVMe SSDs, including passthrough technologies based on Microsoft’s DirectStorage API.

An advanced controller that allows the potential of the interface to be extracted and that in this case achieves data transfer speeds in sequential reading that exceeds 14 Gbytes per second and 12 Gbytes per second in writing. It is the fastest SSD of those advertised .


temperature control

You already know that the increase in performance of the Gen5 over a tremendously reduced format like the M.2 has caused a significant increase in temperatures that manufacturers must control. The gossips say that this factor has been precisely one of the culprits for the delay in the commercialization of the new generation. To be honest, there has to be something because it is not normal that the biggest manufacturers, Samsung, WD and Kioxia, have not yet announced their solutions.

MSI SSD comes standard with a special and complete cooling system that includes its own chassis, heatsink and a large fan. We will have to get used to these types of active solutions because they will be common, although we have already tried other solutions that only use heatsinks. It goes without saying that designs like MSI’s cannot be mounted on laptops. There aren’t any on the market yet. We’ll see how it works out.

Pricing and storage capacity variants in which the MSI SSD will be released have not been provided. We assume that, at least, it will have 1 and 2 Tbyte versions. We already told you in the Computex coverage.


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