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My Drawings: Color Emma’s Stories

With My Drawings: Painting Emma’s Stories, we see Emma’s ecosystem grow even more, the protagonist of a recent but very prolific saga of children’s stories , which until now consisted of ebooks and podcasts , and that now adds this app with which the little ones in the house (and also the occasional adult who has not given up enjoying these things like a child), will be able to strengthen even more ties with the protagonists of these fun stories .

In the proposal of My Drawings, already available in the App Store for iPad for free, children will face a fun challenge, they will have to draw the characters from the Stories of Emma , an endearing and heterogeneous gang formed by the squirrel Noli, the bird Pipo, the hen Catalina, the chicks Pepe and Pito, the dragon Rufo, Sisi the seal, the penguin Penguin, Tika the hedgehog, the little worm Gusi, Fermín the fox, the Picopica bee, Kiko the little fish, the Snow unicorn, the Burlonita witch and more, characters that the children already know from the stories and which they will now have to shape themselves.

Although My Drawings offers total freedom for children to choose which character they want to draw, in the app these are shown ordered by level of difficulty , something that parents who supervise the use of the iPad by children to ensure a fun and frustration-free experience. Furthermore, although the handling of My Drawings is really simple, the app also has a section of instructions so that parents can guide their children while having fun.

Mis Dibujos: Dale color a las Historias de Emma

Every time a new drawing is going to start, after choosing the character My Drawings will show its silhouette on the screen , so that the children have a visual reference that will help them. And the same goes for their name, since they will also have to write it down. The app’s drawing tools (pen, marker-marker, pencil, eraser, lasso to select, ruler, color palette, etc.) are shown in a toolbar that children can move around so that it never gets in the way. their work, and to use them they can use both an Apple Pencil and their own hand.

And for the most creative ones, My Drawings also offers a blank canvas , with the app’s design tools, that the little ones can use to unleash their creativity. And so that parents can save a memory of these drawing sessions, both when facing the characters in the stories and when using the blank canvas, a simple press will save the result in the iPad gallery.

If you still do not know the Stories of Emma, ​​you should know that My Drawings is added to an extensive catalog made up of ten stories that you can find in the Apple ebook store, and that you can also find narrated at the Cupertino podcast store. Thus, either for them to read, for you to read, or for them to hear from the live voice of its author, Paco Lara (this modality reminds me of the stories on vinyl record that had so much and such a good presence in my childhood ), you have all the possibilities at your fingertips. And now, with My Drawings, you can make the experience even more complete.

Mis Dibujos: Dale color a las Historias de Emma

These are the stories that make up the Emma Stories collection, from which the illustrations for My Drawings come out, so far:

Like My Drawings: Painting Emma’s Stories, both podcasts and ebooks are completely free and, although this is just my personal opinion, the originality of the stories and the quality of production of books, podcasts and app is more than considerable. In my personal case, there are no children in my immediate environment, but if there were, I would not hesitate to make them participate in Emma’s Stories, I am convinced that they would enjoy them as much as I would have enjoyed them at their age.



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