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Netflix returns to the charge against shared accounts in Europe

For some time we have seen how Netflix has been taking various actions to try to prevent users from “misusing” their family plan , sharing the password and access to this account among members from different households (one of the most widespread practices of the Premium plan).

Thus, as happened last March , it seems that the company wanted to start a little stronger this year, having already shown the first warnings and measures among some users in Europe . Repeating with their usual method, some users have already encountered a small block when logging into their different devices , in which they were asked to enter a security code sent to their phone or email in order to regain access to the application.

Although Netflix assures that “ this test is designed to help ensure that people who use Netflix accounts are authorized to do so ” when there is suspicion that someone else is using another’s account user, it is well known that this practice is focused on trying to reduce sharing.

As some websites have already reported, currently the main focus is focusing on Italy , although some warnings have already been sent to users from other European countries , among them Spain, so it would not be surprising that we will soon see an escalation of these actions in our country.

Netflix returns to the charge against shared accounts in Europe

According to the latest reports submitted by the company, Netflix is ​​losing $ 9 billion per year from these shared password accounts , although it presumably also knows that a significant number of these users would not be subscribers if could not divide the cost of this account among other users. And it is undoubtedly an effective way to capture some users who make less intense or more intermittent use of the platform.

However, we have no doubt that, if Netflix were to take more severe measures to actually put an end to the exchange of passwords between people from different households, the reaction of users would be tremendously negative, and may even lead to losses even greater than those currently declared.

Luckily it seems that the company is aware of this, l imitating for the moment this method which, although it is easy to avoid on many occasions, still achieves its goal of transforming some of these Premium accounts in multiple Standard subscriptions.



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