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New firmware for ASUS ROG Ally improves performance by up to 20%

ASUS ROG Ally has a lot to prove, and in order to better squeeze that potential, the Taiwanese giant of hardware components and devices has released a new firmware version that allows performance improvements by up to 20% .

Going a little deeper into the new firmware for ASUS ROG Ally, it is important to note that it only works if you have the most recent graphics drivers installed, the performance improvement it provides is mainly aimed at low power consumption contexts, from 9 and 15 watts specifically. We remind you that there are two variants of the console that use the existing AMD Ryzen Z1 APU models, but for now only the standard one has been marketed, while the Extreme is expected to become available from June 16.

The youtuber Dave2D has published a series of graphs in which you can see the performance level results of the new firmware compared to the previous one and running the games at 720p resolution on the standard variant of the console. Here you can see that the new version of the firmware brings a very notable improvement in terms of performance, between 15 and 20 percent, to place the ASUS ROG Ally at the same level as the AYANEO 2S, another x86 console that has the power by flag.

The Steam Deck has been left behind, but it is important to note that Valve’s device has a focus more on efficiency than raw power, apart from being an older technology when using an APU with architecture Zen 2 at the level of CPU and RDNA 2 for the integrated graphics. The Ryzen Z1s used by the ASUS ROG Ally variants are based on the Zen 4 and RDNA 3 architectures respectively.

ASUS ROG Ally Vs Steam Deck Vs AYANEO 2S at 9 Watts

When it comes to running games at 9 watts, the Steam Deck is still capable of showing some superiority and what’s more, Valve’s console is capable of running at 3 watts when running 2D isometric perspective games and they are quite light in terms of power. use of the machine’s hardware resources. With all the decades of existence of the video game industry, there are many titles that were technologically cutting-edge in their time, but that today can be moved in ultra quality even by very modest machines.

The ASUS ROG Ally was recently launched on the market, so it is to be expected that it still has a wide margin for improvement both in terms of firmware, drivers and operating system, and not only in terms of generating a greater number of images. per second through, but also in a more efficient use of the available resources, and that is that the autonomy offered by the battery is a very important point in these devices.


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