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NVIDIA Game Ready: DLSS 3 for Diablo IV and DLSS 2 for System Shock

Game Ready, NVIDIA’s suite of drivers and game performance optimization software , is updated frequently, to the delight of users of graphics adapter cards from this manufacturer. And why do I say gladly, when normally a driver update is routine? Well, because these updates usually bring, among other things, compatibility of more games with the company’s own technologies, such as DLSS, frame generation , ray tracing, etc. On some occasions this support comes for games that have been on the market for a while, and on others for recent or future releases.

This time we are faced with the second case, with two highly anticipated titles that, at least in the case of the one that has already debuted, do not add to the prevailing current of disaster releases , which are exhausting the patience of many players ( among which I include myself) and making buying a game before its launch stop being a sign of confidence to become a risky game of chance, which more and more people have decided not to play again, at least in a long season.

But hey, as I said, NVIDIA has released an update to the Game Ready drivers, 535.98, which, in addition to resolving some previously identified bugs (specifically those identified with the references 4008945, 3592260, 4050712, 4067005, and 4056470), extends the scope of its superscaling technology to bring it to both the recently released System Shock Remake , and the already very close and long-awaited Diablo IV .

The impact of this Game Ready update on Diablo IV, which you can see in the video above, can be considered overwhelming. Thanks to the use of DLSS 3, the analysis of the frame rate increase in the entire RTX 40 family already present on the market (4090, 4080, 4070 TI and 4070), with different configurations and resolutions, shows jumps that oscillate, on average , between 2x and 2.5x , improvements that not only apply to the dedicated graphics desktop, but also to the Mobile versions for laptops.

In addition, users of devices compatible with NVIDIA Reflex will also benefit in this regard from this new version of the Game Ready drivers, since the tests carried out by the technology have shown that the system latency when playing Diablo IV can be reduce by up to 67% , which will allow users to have a much faster response to their actions, something that can make a big difference in this type of title, and especially in the toughest game modes.

In the case of the already available System Shock, with the Game Ready update it receives compatibility with DLSS 2 which, according to NVIDIA data, means that users will be able to see their frame rate per second double when playing in 4K resolution with the settings graphics to the max.

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