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OLED TVs will drop significantly in price in 2023 and 2024

Are you one of those people who have been wanting to get a TV with OLED technology for a long time, but who are deterred by its high price, compared to those of models with LED panels? It is normal, today it is possible to find real bargains. Without going any further, in our Red Friday this week , which we published a few hours ago, you can find a spectacular 50-inch Samsung Crystal UHD with 4K resolution and HDR 10+ for less than 400 euros . However, if we talk about OLED televisions, practically only the offers allow us to find models below 1,000 euros , with very few exceptions.

Their prices, obviously, have dropped a lot compared to those of the beginning of the last decade, when their prices started at $9,000 and reached, at a minimum, five figures. As we already told you at that time , about a decade ago, its price drop was expected to be quite slow, something that has been confirmed over the years, unfortunately for those who know the great difference between OLED and LED, differences that have been increasing with the evolution in the production of organic led panel .

I’m not saying, mind you, that OLED is superior to LED in every way . Defenders of the latter always focus on the fact that LEDs (and especially its evolutions, such as QLED) provide much more brightness, which makes them more convenient in high-light environments. However, if we put the advantages of one and the other on a scale, it seems indisputable that OLED wins the game, except for what I mentioned at the beginning, that is, for the price.

OLED TVs will drop significantly in price in 2023 and 2024

It seems, however, that good times are coming in this regard, and it is that a report by Display Supply Chain Consultants states that the price of OLED televisions will drop substantially throughout 2023 and 2024 . According to his forecasts, and we must take into account that his knowledge of the display market is first class, the production price of a 55-inch LG white OLED panel will decrease by around 20% during the last months of 2023, throughout to which must be added another expected drop of 20% for next year. Obviously the panel is not the only component of TVs, so this does not mean that by the end of 2024 OLED televisions will cost 40% less than today, but even so, we are talking about a significant price drop , between 20% and 30%.

Other even more advanced technologies will also see their prices drop. The main example of this is found in QD-OLED , this Samsung exclusive, and which, thanks to the use of quantum dots, is capable of providing a brightness similar to or even higher than that of LED, but with the advantages of OLED, such as blacks. pure thanks to the complete switching off of the led. In this case, the cumulative decrease of 2023 and 2024 is estimated at around 30% , which may mean not so much a drop in price at the top of the range (hopefully also), but rather that this technology reaches more models of the high-end, somewhat cheaper than the flagship .


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