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Opera integrates ChatGPT in a sidebar

Despite not having its own model, Opera is one of the browsers that is responding the fastest to the boom in artificial intelligence that we are experiencing these days. As you will remember, when only a few days had passed since Microsoft announced the new Bing and Microsoft Edge Copilot, the Norwegian company decided to reply by announcing that it would soon integrate ChatGPT into its sidebar, this happened in mid-February, on the 12th to be more exact..

A little over a month later, at the end of March, the first artificial intelligence integrations in the browser arrived, although their scope was (and still is, to this day) much more limited than initially expected . With the ChatGPT features, Opera allows you to make a summary of the open page, tell you what the main point of said post is, create a tweet and also a concept for a meme from it. For its part, the integration of ChatSonic makes it easy to find related content.

These functions are interesting but, of course, they are far from what they “sold” us in February, although it is true that it is a first implementation of a plan that the company claimed goes much further. In other words, it is a matter of time, and therefore of patience, until Opera begins to add new and interesting functions, thus trying to catch up with Microsoft Edge, which is currently the most popular browser. advanced in artificial intelligence integration.

Opera integrates ChatGPT in a sidebar

As I said, Opera’s initial commitment went much further and, finally, there is going to be a giant step forward in this sense since, according to what we can read on the browser’s official blog , Opera has already begun to integrate a version of test your sidebar with ChatGPT , in an experiment that is currently available, through a waiting list, for all those who have created an Opera user account, a free option that we can manage from the same browser.

The experiment, which at least for now is called Aria , will be accessible in this first phase for Opera One users , the complete browser redesign project that we told you about a month ago, and also for the beta version. Opera for Android . According to the company, users who meet these requirements (have a user account and use one of both versions of the browser) will soon receive a message confirming that they are already part of the white list and that, therefore, they are already you can start testing Aria.


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