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Oppo stops designing its own chips, could exit several European markets

The situation that Oppo finds itself in in Europe has become quite strange. In Germany, one of the most important markets of the old continent, the company has been completely “paused” for almost a year with the sales of its smartphones , and its website in that country has just been completely emptied, which means that there is only one left. image showing their sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League, and a message saying that there is no information about their products available.

To this are now added very solid rumors that say that Oppo could follow the same path in the French market, and that its exit from it will take place on June 30 . On the other hand, the Chinese company has ceased the development of its own chips for smartphones, a move that has sown many doubts about the future of the Chinese company in Europe, and has given rise to strong speculation that predicts its possible departure from other markets, including Spanish.


As you may have imagined, Oppo has not said anything concrete about it so far, it has simply limited itself to denying those rumors that point to its exit from other key markets in Europe, but the truth is that its latest movements clearly point to it. In any case, there is not much left to clear up doubts, since June is getting closer and closer, and in the coming months we will see how the company’s strategy and focus on European territory evolves.

According to the latest data that I have been able to consult, Oppo’s market share in Europe has remained quite stable in recent years, as we can see in the attached graph. In 2021 the company experienced significant growth, going from 8% to 10%, and in 2022 it closed with a small decrease that brought it to 9%. Considering that the second half of 2022 was quite difficult, this result is totally understandable.

Oppo stops designing its own chips, could exit several European markets

I believe that the key will be in the results of 2023, and that in the end the volume of sales and the income will be what determine the continuity, or not, of Oppo in Europe. Asian sources have confirmed that the Chinese company has an interest in the old continent, but that its situation in some markets, such as the German and the British, was unsustainable because they were operating in a loss regime.

At the moment, these same sources assure that Oppo will throw in the towel in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands, and that it will continue to operate in some specific markets, such as Spain, Switzerland, Italy and others. OnePlus would be in the same situation, which will supposedly follow in Oppo’s footsteps and leave the same markets as that one.


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