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Our Readers Say: How Much Should the GeForce RTX 4050 and Radeon RX 7500 XT Cost?

The GeForce RTX 4050 and Radeon RX 7500 XT will become the two most important budget mid-range graphics cards of their generation because, in theory, they will be the most affordable models that will have all the advances that NVIDIA and AMD have introduced with the architectures. Ada Lovelace and RDNA3, respectively.

It is a fact that, in recent years, the price of graphics cards has experienced a considerable increase , and that this has led many users to choose to extend the renewal cycles, to wait for specific offers or even to resort to the market of second hand.

In this sense, AMD has been the first to make a move with the Radeon RX 7600 , a very competent graphics card that has also reached the market at a very interesting price, and that it has even been possible to buy in a temporary offer for only 259 euros . NVIDIA launched the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti, but this model positions itself on a higher rung, since it has a starting price of 449 euros.

Radeon RX 7000

Seeing the official prices of the latest releases from NVIDIA and AMD, and knowing the recommended price that the GeForce RTX 4060 will have, 335 euros, we can intuit where the prices of the lower models will move , that is, how much will those expected GeForce RTX cost 4050 and Radeon RX 7500 XT.

In the case of the GeForce RTX 4050, I am pretty convinced that it will be priced between 229 and 249 euros , and that the Radeon RX 7500 XT will cost around 200 euros . I’m not sure if NVIDIA and AMD will go for an 8 GB graphics memory configuration on both graphics cards, or if instead they will use a 6 GB graphics memory configuration, but in the case of the GeForce RTX 4050 my intuition tells me which will come with a 96-bit bus and 6 GB of graphics memory.

Performance-wise, the GeForce RTX 4050 should be more or less on par with the 8GB GeForce RTX 3060 , at least at 1080p, and the Radeon RX 7500 XT will probably perform like a Radeon RX 6600. Saying in mind, how much do you think the GeForce RTX 4050 and Radeon RX 7500 XT should cost? Personally I think that both NVIDIA and AMD should place them below 200 euros . We read in the comments.


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