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Our readers say: what is your favorite zombie game?

The list of zombie games that have arrived in recent years is huge, there is no doubt about that, but the quality of them differs considerably. Some titles are authentic works of art, while others are merely acceptable and yes, there are also others that it is better to go straight through, everything is said.

Keep in mind that, when I talk about zombie games, I do it in a generic and broad way, that is, I put in the same bag those games that present us with zombies in their most classic concept and also those others that stage another type of infected that are more or less aggressive, and that have different abilities or behaviors, but that in the end maintain similarities with the concept of zombie.

One of the best examples in this regard is found in The Last of Us , which does not feature zombies in the strict sense, or Days Gone , which changes zombies into spawns. In any case, we are going to consider both as variants of the genre, since they start from that common base of infected that ends up degenerating into an apocalypse, and that therefore deserve to be in the same bag.

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In this opinion article I want to invite you to tell us which is your favorite zombie game, following that broad approach that I just referred to, and as usual I’m going to start by getting wet myself. A few years ago it was very clear to me, my favorite game was Dying Light , a fantastic title both for its graphic quality and its setting, its realistic approach and also because it was able to generate a unique feeling of overwhelm and inferiority when I went out exploring. at night.

After the arrival of Days Gone, it is much more difficult for me to decide on one of the two, because the truth is that I loved them both and they are, in my opinion, the best zombie games I have tried. With everything, I have to choose one, and I prefer Dying Light because of the story, because of the impact of the night in the game, and also because of the depth and the twist that occurs with Jade Aldemir, one of the most emotional I’ve seen in my entire life as a player.

Days Gone is also a great game and it has a fantastic story with very good mechanics and characters that will leave their mark, but Dying Light made me feel in a unique way and managed to surprise me in a way that I really didn’t even expect . Now it’s your turn, we read in the comments.


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