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Patriot Announces Fastest PCIe Gen5 SSD to Date

PCIe Gen5 SSDs have delayed their arrival on the market for various reasons, commercial and technical. For Computex 2023, the main technology fair in Asia that kicks off in Taiwan in a couple of weeks, we expect several news.

You already know that the PCI-Express 5.0 interface, powered by the new Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Ryzen 7000 processing platforms, can power components like future graphics cards (next generations from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel) or new state drives. solid that they should have already reached the market, but they have surely been delayed to sell the Gen4 in inventory and also the need to solve the increase in temperature and noise of the units.

There are already models on the market as good as the Corsair MP700 that we had the opportunity to analyze in depth or the GIGABYTE AORUS. But the industry giants (Samsung, WD and Kingston) and other integrators are missing. One of them has just announced its solutions for the Taiwan fair.

This is Viper Gaming, the high-performance division of Patriot, which announces the PV553 model to debut in Gen5. It is a solid state drive in M.2-2280 format. The supplier of the 3D NAND flash memories used has not been mentioned, whether it will have additional cache or the manufacturer of the controller.

The performance is touted and it’s the highest we’ve seen so far, as it promises 12,400 Mbytes per second sequential data transfer in read mode and 11,800 Mbytes per second in write mode.

Patriot Announces Fastest PCIe Gen5 SSD to Date

The Patriot SSD comes standard with a special cooling system with active ventilation (a small fan). Remember that the M.2 form factor, used 100% by all SSDs connected to PCIe, offers great advantages due to its compact size that allows it to be installed on desktops and laptops. However, the increase in performance as the interface has gone up in generation has in turn caused an increase in temperatures that must be controlled.

Therefore, it is mandatory to cool them to obtain maximum performance and avoid operating problems, at least with passive heatsinks that some manufacturers deliver and that are also included in motherboards (mid-range and above) in the new Gen5 generation. We’ll tell you more. Do not miss the coverage of Computex 2023 that we will collect in the corresponding tag.


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