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PcComponentes reveals the keys to gaming in Spain

If we talk about the world of gaming , it is indisputable that PcComponentes is a reference in this regard, as one of the favorite platforms for gamers when it comes to equipping themselves with the necessary systems / components to practice the wide range of activities related to the gaming ecosystem. video game. And yes, I am talking about a set of activities because, for some time now, the world of gaming has consisted of much more than playing , as we will see below.

As its own name already indicates, III Radiografía del Gaming en España , this is the third year in which this study has been carried out, which allows us to establish comparisons with the data from the previous ones to measure the evolution over time. , and in doing so we see that the depth of the world of gaming in our country, and especially among the youngest, points to a future in which this industry, which is already multimillion-dollar, will only continue to grow in a more than remarkable way.

The first noteworthy point of the study mentions precisely what was indicated at the beginning of this news item, and that is that growth is not limited exclusively to the traditional video game consumption model, that is, to the activity of playing itself. The research has also quantified a significant growth in terms of its passive consumption as audiovisual entertainment, something in which streaming platforms, mainly Twitch, have played and play a key role. Thus, 25% of Spanish video game fans prefer to watch broadcast games rather than consume other types of content , such as movies and series on streaming platforms. A growth that adds 8 points compared to 2022 in the case of Generation Z, which reaches one in three.

PcComponentes reveals the keys to gaming in Spain

More striking, still in relation to the consumption of content, is another piece of information that we found in the PcComponentes study, and that is that almost one in five players prefers to watch other players’ games rather than play , a percentage that rises to 20% in the case of the fans of Generation Z. At first glance this may seem surprising, but there are many reasons (from the very high level of some streamers to the challenges and group games that we can find on streaming platforms) that make This type of content can be, at times, more fun and attractive than playing.

In this regard, speedruns come to mind, for example, games in which the goal is to complete a game in the shortest time possible (if you don’t know this type of game, I recommend you take a look at this website , because it will surely surprise you), or the events organized by several streamers , more or less popular, and that usually attract a large number of fans, eager to enjoy not only the game, but also the reactions of the participants in said group games.

This, of course, leads us to another growing trend that you have surely already imagined, and it is none other than to place yourself on the other side of the camera and become a content creator in the world of gaming. In this sense, generation Z stands out again, in which a more than considerable 34% consider this activity as a professional opportunity , a growth that corresponds, of course, to the fact that it is also the generation that consumes this type of content. more frequently.

PcComponentes reveals the keys to gaming in Spain

Of course, another very interesting fact that we extract from the PcComponentes report is that being a content creator is not the professional opportunity, related to video games, that attracts more gamers from generation Z. And what is the first? Well, a fundamental one, but one that we have not mentioned up to now: the creation and distribution of video games. And it is that no less than 39% affirm that they would like to develop their professional career in the video game industry . Programmers, designers, composers… this multimillion-dollar industry offers many professional opportunities, and the youngest are becoming more and more aware of it, which combines excellently with their passion for this sector.

If we break down said interest into motivations, something very interesting to understand their way of thinking about it, we see that being part of the development of a great video game and entertaining millions of people with the generated content are the two main reasons for their professional expectations. in the gaming sector among generation Z. Regarding references, the two most cited names are Ibai Llanos (48%) and El Rubius (35.7%) as the public figures who have contributed the most to the professional rise of gaming .

Also, and contrary to another widespread belief, this III Radiography of Gaming in Spain shows us that the pattern of active consumption of games is much more moderate than what is thought. In this regard, we find that 47% of gamers say they spend between one and two hours a day playing , this being the preferred option compared to 26% who do not exceed one hour a day and 19% who usually spend between two and three hours a day. Thus, reasonably casual consumption is undoubtedly the most common pattern among gamers.

PcComponentes reveals the keys to gaming in Spain

More focused on the activity of PcComponentes, this report also shows us some interesting data regarding the devices used by Spanish gamers to play. 58% of those surveyed state that they use PCs , 54% video consoles and 27% smartphones and tablets (remember that they were asked which devices they use, not which is the main one). The main reason the PC still dominates here is that they offer high upgradeability, something 61% of respondents say they implement every two years at most, while 27% say they do it annually. Here we see spectacular growth compared to last year’s data, when the figures were 39% and 11% respectively.

Regarding specific components, the PcComponentes study points to motherboards and graphics cards (44%) which tend to be renewed more frequently by users.

“Videogames are not a static leisure activity, but rather a phenomenon in constant growth and evolution that seeks to position itself as entertainment for a growing number of people” , says Alicia Vicente, Brand & Communications Manager at PcComponentes . “We are experiencing a greater diversity of entertainment options through gaming that goes beyond the game itself thanks to a greater interest in streaming and associated audiovisual content.”


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