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Prime Video mocks Netflix for blocking shared accounts

In recent hours, a tweet from Prime Video UK has gone viral in which it mocks the competition, in this case Netflix, due to the blocking of shared accounts being carried out by the great N of VOD, once a fair promoter otherwise.

Of course, the slap is given by Prime Video to Netflix just when the blocking of shared accounts arrives in the United Kingdom, and it is that despite the fact that there are countries in which the measure has been in place for some time, see Spain as an example, in other They are now starting with it, this is the case of the United Kingdom, but also of the United States and other markets considered very important for the platform.

The community manager of the Prime Video UK account on Twitter has had so much fun that they pick up a Netflix tweet from 2017, in which the company acknowledged that ” to love is to share a password “. Or so it was before they went into predatory mode… or before they realized that spending tons of money to produce garbage does not attract more users.

Well, Prime Video, the UK account at least, has taken advantage of the time to try to do some firewood from the tree to fall. The question is how much it will fall and if it will serve as an example or not, because otherwise the platform that does not follow the same path will be rare , Prime Video included. Time to time.

The experience that catches us closest is that of Spain, where according to different inquiries, Netflix would have lost between one and two and a half million users, once the harvesting of shared accounts began. And this is only the first impact, since there are many users who continue to share an account without problems, according to what can be read on social networks.

However, the rejection of account sharing is not just a matter of Netflix. Netflix, simply, is the first that has dared with it. And it doesn’t matter what one or the other say. Another example: a year ago HBO Max said one thing and they already warned against it . In the medium term, not one will be saved from burning.

The reason? The vile money, of course. As surprising as it may seem, no big video-on-demand platform is making a profit : it is all a bid for survival, to stay in the spotlight as a privileged alternative while the competition is disappearing and with the market on its side, the cuts in content and options, as well as the rise in prices, is written in stone.


Why, then, does Amazon Prime brag about something like this? It is equally obvious: because it can. First, because unlike Netflix, Prime Video is a side business for Amazon that it doesn’t depend on one bit. Quite the contrary: they can afford to squander money to them without their accounts being affected one bit, no matter how much less investment they recover.

And there is also the small detail that sharing the Prime Video password, that is, the Amazon password, with all that this entails, is a bit more delicate. But this, it should be repeated, is a mere detail. The important thing is where the business is and if that of companies like Warner Discovery or Disney is in theaters before streaming , let alone Amazon’s, the case of Netflix is another.

However, even the person responsible for the mockery acknowledges, in response to one of the comments that the tweet in question arouses, ” laughing, tweeting and hoping that we don’t do the same “. In other words, time to time.


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