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Printing your favorite photos will no longer be a problem, thanks to HP Instant Ink

Printing photos is a great way to immortalize unique moments, and thanks to HP Instant Ink it will no longer be a small luxury. As those of you who have been using a printer for a long time will know, when we print a photograph there is a high consumption of ink, and this represents a very high cost, especially if we use the high quality mode.

The high cost of printing photos meant that many of us, including myself, ended up minimizing this type of printing, and that we gave greater prominence to the digital format. In a way it is a way to save, but what do you want me to tell you, is not the same. I, and I’m sure many of you too, do not enjoy a photo on a screen as much as a printed photo.

On the other hand, I also believe that photographs have great value because, as I said at the beginning of this article, they immortalize those special moments that we have enjoyed so much , and remembering them gives us a unique feeling of well-being which, in a certain way, is “priceless”.

Limiting myself when it comes to printing photos so I don’t have to spend hundreds of euros on ink cartridges , and saving money, was something I had to accept, and endure, until I tried HP Instant Ink , an automated home ink service that promised to end the problem of ink consumption, and with which I was going to be able to print, in theory, the photos I wanted without having to worry about printing costs .

Printing photos with HP Instant Ink: Ink no longer matters

When I bought a pack of cartridges, it was clear to me that the amount of ink they brought was, ultimately, the starting point that established how much I was going to be able to print, although I could stretch or shorten that base depending on how I printed. So, for example, if you printed in color and high quality, the maximum number of pages you could print per cartridge would be less, and you would have to buy another pack in a short time , while if you reduced the use of color and quality could lengthen its useful life.

However, that posed a problem for me, and that is that if I didn’t want to have to spend a lot of money on ink, I had to limit myself. I could not use my printer as I really wanted because, if I printed a few photos, I was already afraid that I would miss the low ink level warning. The user experience with the printer was not pleasant at all, really, and all because of the ink problem . In the end, there were times when weeks went by and we didn’t use the printer not because we didn’t want to, but because we didn’t want to waste ink.

HP Instant Ink

That situation was what directly pushed me to try HP Instant Ink . I did this by taking advantage of the free six-month subscription to HP Instant Ink that came with a new printer we bought, since the model we had was relatively old, and it was getting harder and harder to find cartridges for it. The printer already came with HP Instant Ink compatible cartridges, so after completing the registration and choosing the plan we were ready to start using it.

When we sign up for HP Instant Ink, it doesn’t matter what ink we consume, only the pages we print . This means that if we sign up, for example, for the printing plan that includes 700 pages per month, we can print them in color or black and white, and spend as much ink as we want, without our monthly fee changing. This applies to all available plans.

It was hard for me to get used to the idea that I could now print hundreds of pages a month without having to worry about ink. I took the opportunity to print photos that I had wanted to have on paper for a long time, and in a few weeks I had practically caught up. In the end, as I had pages left over, I decided to print some drawings and designs that I liked, and I really enjoyed the experience , of that peace of mind that gave me knowing that, no matter how much ink I spent, I was not going to pay more than the quota that was fixed.

When the printer gave a warning that ink levels were low, it automatically placed an order for new cartridges. I saw that I could check the status of the order through my customer account, and in a few days I already had them at home, and without shipping costs. It was very comfortable not having to worry about running out of ink again, and not having to go out to stores to look for cartridges compatible with my printer.

After my free HP Instant Ink subscription period ended, I switched to a lower plan, because I had already been able to print the photos I had accumulated, and I wouldn’t need to print as much. I was able to do it without problems, and today I continue to enjoy the advantages that this service offers. After trying HP Instant Ink, seeing how well it works, and finding no compromises , I don’t want to go back in time. I do not want to worry about the cost of ink again, nor to spend weeks “fighting” with my printer. I also don’t want to have to go out and search for ink again, or waste time searching for compatible cartridges and comparing prices.



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