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Razer Zephyr withdraws its N95 grade protection certification

Officially presented a few months ago , and with several hundred units sold worldwide, it seems that Razer has just retracted one of the main qualities of its mask Zephyr, removing any mention of N95 grade protection certification .

In fact, the company’s official website now describes its product claiming that the “ Razer Zephyr is not a certified N95 mask, medical device, respirator, surgical mask or protective equipment and is not intended for use in medical or clinical settings […] To avoid any confusion, we are in the process of removing all references to ‘N95 Grade Filter’ from our material marketing ‘.

The change comes after YouTuber Naomi Wu wrote a Twitter thread about the handheld device over the weekend and posts like PCMag started making a call from Attention to Razer’s “mislabeling”. As Wu points out, the “N95” certification is an official certification issued by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for respirators that filter at least 95% of airborne particles. Also, this is a designation that involves a full mask, not just a part, taking into account both fit and leakage. In fact, the content creator noted that neither Zephyr nor Zephyr Pro are listed on the agency’s website as NIOSH approved respirators .

For its part, the company has sent us an official statement on the matter, alleging that “ Razer has not received any communication from any external agency on the matter. The change of the descriptions on the products is to ensure that there is no confusion with our about the certification of the mask as a whole ”. In addition, Razer has already advised that, in addition to this change in the way they promote their skin, will contact all users who have purchased this product to inform them of the change.

And it is that this change occurs amid various changes in the United States and Europe, in which some countries have asked the public to use surgical masks, N95 and KN95, instead of cloth masks and other surgical devices. lower efficacy given the high contagion rate of the new delta-omicron variant of COVID-19.



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