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Sendinblue becomes Brevo: a transformation to adapt to the new needs of digital companies

Sendinblue, a global leader in digital marketing, has announced its name change to Brevo . This change will drive their transformation and their mission to provide businesses, no matter their size, with a comprehensive CRM platform that enables them to drive long-term, sustainable growth.

For more than ten years, Brevo has demonstrated its capacity for innovation, constantly adding new features and adapting to the changing needs of its customers. With digitization, consumers have evolved and now demand that brands adapt their interactions to offer a personalized customer experience, in real time and through the communication channel they prefer.

Over the last three years, these trends have accelerated and Brevo has been transforming itself to support its customers. From offering only email marketing campaigns, it has gone to a much more complete value proposition that unifies integrated marketing and CRM tools on a single platform.

This platform allows customers to be impacted wherever they are, in real time, and to have two-way conversations through SMS, WhatsApp, and chat. Recognizing this evolution towards a complete CRM platform, Sendinblue has decided to change its name to Brevo to accurately reflect its new capabilities.

“The pace of digital marketing and consumer behavior has required us to innovate and evolve to empower companies to grow even in difficult times,” says Armand Thiberge , founder and CEO of Brevo. “We have responded to this need with an affordable solution that allows you to nurture customer relationships and achieve growth at scale. The switch to Brevo marks an important milestone in our company’s history, and this expansion will see us meet our ambitious growth targets over the next 10 years. At Brevo, we believe in empowering companies of all sizes to strengthen the global economy, which is why we have chosen a name that exudes positivity and enthusiasm. Brevo is a cry of optimism and growth for our customers.”

During the last 18 months, Brevo exceeded €100 million in annual recurring revenue – with positive EBITDA – by acquiring and integrating six new companies: Chatra, Metrilo, PushOwl,, Captain Wallet and MeetFox. Going forward, Brevo expects to achieve annual recurring revenue of €1 billion by 2030.

In a scenario where marketing must already address the entire customer life cycle, it is necessary to have solutions that focus on cultivating lasting relationships with real people, with a strategic and sustainable approach over time. Brevo begins its new phase as a unique end-to-end solution , with unmatched value and the best support in a CRM platform that allows clients to be efficient while complying with the GDPR.

Content made in collaboration with Brevo.


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