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Siri will say goodbye to "Hello" in iOS 17

Just over 24 hours separate us from the start of WWDC 2023 , an event that promises to be loaded with ads, and in which Siri could have a little more prominence than initially planned . Apple ‘s voice assistant will not be among the stars of the moment, of course, although we do hope that its “home”, that is, the operating systems of those from Cupertino, will have a significant presence at the inaugural event of the meeting for developers. If you still don’t know what we expect for tomorrow afternoon, we’ll tell you here .

As I said, Siri is not on the list of major players, although it is a technology in which everything indicates that Apple wants to focus , in response to the huge wave of new services related to artificial intelligence. We already told you, a few weeks ago that Apple has opened several hiring processes for AI experts , a more realistic position than the triumphalism it displayed, at the beginning of the year at an internal event, when it stated, according to leaks, that it was leading the way in the field of artificial intelligence.

Siri, in fact, has been for years one of Apple’s spearheads with regard to artificial intelligence , although despite the fact that in its early days this was widely mentioned and taken into account, today it is hardly known. It is taken into account in the list of assets of those from Cupertino in this field. Which leads us, once again, to the fact that the general consideration by users is that Apple is far behind other technology companies in the field of AI.

Be that as it may, in Cupertino they do give a lot of importance to their voice assistant, both in terms of its capabilities, as well as in a very important factor that has always been for Apple, usability and the user experience. Thus, as we told you at the end of last year , they were already working on making the invocation of the voice assistant easier , replacing the current “Hey Siri” with simply “Siri”, a change that, at that time, pointed to 2024.

Siri will say goodbye to "Hello" in iOS 17

However, according to popular analyst Mark Gurman , Apple will say goodbye to the “Hello” in the “Hello Siri” command with iOS 17 , so this novelty could be announced at WWDC 2023 and debut on the market together with the new version. of the iPhone operating system, next September. This would indicate that the complexity of solving the false positive problem, which we already told you about when we first learned of this change, would have been solved faster than expected.

With this change, Apple intends to make interactions with Siri easier . Currently, and although it is not the model that was initially planned, many users invoke the assistant with the traditional “Hello Siri” and wait for the assistant to respond to make their request. With this change, Apple intends that users make their requests at once, with a single sentence. Something that, in fact, can already be done today, but perhaps because of the style of conversation provided by the introduction with “Hello”, it is not used as regularly as they would like.

Now, it is still possible that the date initially proposed by Gurman is correct, since he affirms that this will happen with iOS 17, but he does not specify if it would be in its initial version or if, on the contrary, we will have to wait for an update of the itself, which may arrive during the first half of next year. And, yes, it does not clarify whether this change will simultaneously reach several languages or if, on the contrary, it will debut only in English and we will have to wait until it is extended to other languages.


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