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Sony confirms its new "portable console" with Project Q

Sony has announced Project Q, the return of the Japanese giant to the “portable consoles” market. And we put in quotes because it won’t be exactly the rumored PlayStation Vita 2 , but a peripheral/accessory that will stream games from the PS5.

You already know that the segment of portable gaming machines has been extraordinarily encouraged after the launch of Valve’s Steam Deck, the developments of Chinese manufacturers such as AYA or One-Netbook and the entry on the scene of other large companies such as Logitech, Razer and more. recently the spectacular ROG Ally from ASUS. And of course the Nintendo Switch, due to its ability to play on the go and which continues to sell ‘like hotcakes’.

After the discontinuation of the Vita portable console, Sony could not stay out of this important market segment any longer and is back… although in its own way , which frankly is not as interesting as we initially expected. Although we had our fears .

What is Sony’s Project Q

As announced by the company at its PlayStation Showcase event , it will be a portable device with an 8-inch screen (LCD panel with FHD resolution and 60 fps) and all the buttons present on the DualSense wireless controller, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. .

It will not be a console to use, but rather an additional accessory. In addition to the PlayStation 5 since -from what has been said so far- you can only play games that are installed on the console, remotely or connected to the same Wi-Fi network. No PS VR2 games will be playable either.

Sony confirms its new "portable console" with Project Q

Obviously, it is not a portable console that we can consider independent and we see this project as very limited for how it is on the market. It may be of interest to PS5 owners, but what about the rest of us gamers who were thinking of buying a Vita 2?

Sony also announced plans to launch its own PlayStation wireless headset . They will work on both PS5 and PC. Sony says they will also connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Sony Project Q

The firm has extensive experience in sound and wireless headphones in the elite of the sector, so we are confident that it is a quality model and that it meets the “lossless audio with low latency” that Sony promises. Video from the event showed the earphones being stored in what appeared to be a charging case.

Sony’s Project Q and headphones will be released later this year, presumably in time for the Christmas season. No further hardware and pricing details have been provided. The company will offer more information in the coming weeks. What do you think? Missed opportunity for the launch of a true Vita 2?


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