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Sony wants to bet heavily on "cloud gaming" and will reserve exclusives for PS5

With Microsoft’s purchase of Activison Blizzard moving towards approval , although stumbling blocks such as the FCT and CMA still remain, everything seems to indicate that, if the deal is completed, cloud gaming may experience rapid expansion. Sony, of course, does not want to be left behind, so Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has said that the PlayStation video game division will move to have a more aggressive strategy that allows it to expand into cloud gaming .

Although it sounds strange considering the current circumstances, Sony was one of the pioneers in bringing video games to the cloud with the PlayStation Now service. In its day, the Japanese giant brought PlayStation Now to PlayStation 4, PC and even some Bravia televisions, which are manufactured by Sony itself. PlayStation Now came to have some 2.3 million subscribers before ending up merging into a PlayStation Plus subscription, more specifically the Premium, which costs 119.99 euros per year and is the plan that provides the transmission of the games.

Playstation Plus Premium

In order to expand its streaming video game service, Sony seems to have Q-Lite among the mainstays of its strategy , an alleged portable console that aims to be very limited in terms of functions and therefore would be focused on playing video games. via streaming, more specifically using Remote Play through a PlayStation 5. The Japanese giant should set its sights on devices like the Logitech G CLOUD and handheld consoles like the ASUS ROG ALLY , which are supported by competitors like GeForce Now and Game Pass.

In addition to recognizing that it has to get its act together in cloud gaming , Sony is refining its strategy around the PC , and boy does it have to cut a fine line, especially if it wants to avoid internal competition that goes against the sales of the PlayStation consoles. The company of Japanese origin, which has published some graphics from its gaming and network services segment, expects that 40% of its first party video games will have been published on PC by the year 2025.

PlayStation video games coming to PC

Putting the data in perspective, what Sony is apparently saying is that 50% of future PlayStation Studios releases will be for PlayStation 5 and 40% for PC . This means that not the entire catalog of the well-known video game division will appear on compatible consoles and that a small percentage will remain exclusive to their consoles, although the majority will have a port for Windows some time after the launch on consoles .

The latest rumors and leaks suggest that Nixxes would be developing a Ratchet & Clank port for PC and that Sony would have given the green light to port Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, but the company came out months ago to officially deny the arrival of the last . Of course, one thing is that it is said or shown to the public and another is what happens internally in the facilities and studios of the Japanese giant or associated with them.

In short, Sony seems to be willing to push in sectors where Microsoft shows strength in order not to be left behind, and that is that the diversification of media in the video game industry is forcing the head of PlayStation to explore more paths in addition to the typical consoles and their exclusives.


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