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Steam gives away 90 free minutes in Dead Space, a new method to test games?

Steam has started a promotion whereby any customer can try the game Dead Space for free for 90 minutes. Is it a specific promotion only for this title or does Valve plan to establish it in the future with a general character for its entire catalog as a new method of game testing ?

For those who do not know it, say that we are talking about the remake of the third-person horror, action and survival game released in 2008 and that critics and the public liked a lot for its setting and sound, its references to great big screen classics such as Alien and elements taken from other game series like Doom, Half-Life or Resident Evil.

This year its remake has arrived ( with quite positive reviews ) from the Motive studio. The game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to offer a deeper and more immersive experience, while maintaining that atmosphere that we once loved. But we didn’t want to talk to you specifically about the game, but about a promotion that they have launched on Steam.

Free Games Trial on Steam Dead Space

Free game trial on Steam?

It should be clarified that the publisher of the game is Electronic Arts and offers on its own EA Play platform game tests with a limited time allocation that can last up to 10 am, free weekends or different demo festivals. It is a strategy that other platforms follow.

However, this new free trial feature is not attached to any promotion like that and you only need a free Steam account to participate. The game page displays a handy ‘Play Now’ button that installs the full version of the game as if the user had purchased it .

Steam gives away 90 free minutes in Dead Space, a new method to test games?

Once installed, you can play normally up to the aforementioned 90 minute limit. Valve has not announced any general Game Trials program for Steam, but what is certain is that it could be a new method to test games before buying them in a strategy for publishers and developers to attract a greater number of players.

Steam gives away 90 free minutes in Dead Space, a new method to test games?

I don’t know about you, but personally I like to try before I buy. The games are very expensive and disappointments with titles that you don’t quite like or those that are launched shamefully poorly finished are the order of the day. Most digital gaming platforms offer quick refunds if play time is less than two hours, but having a way to easily try out a new game would be a much more attractive option .

We do not know if Valve will extend this formula in general or it is only a specific promotion with Dead Space. In any case, do not miss that hour and a half of pleasure because it is a game that is worth it.


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