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'Super Mario Bros. The Movie' is already the second highest grossing animated film of all time

The most talkative plumber in the world of video games seems to have no ceiling as far as its brand new film adaptation is concerned and it is not a way of speaking, since it can already be said that Super Mario Bros. The film has become the second film highest-grossing animated film in history after surpassing Disney’s classic Frozen and accumulating a worldwide collection of more than 1,295 million dollars.

This new milestone comes just a month after the Universal, Illumination, and Nintendo film was crowned the highest-grossing video game adaptation in history , far, far behind the second, and almost two months after its theatrical release. , where it already began its career sweeping and with signs of surprising , as is being demonstrated. In addition, on the two fronts in which it competed: video game adaptations and animated films.

It doesn’t seem likely, however, that Super Mario Bros. The Movie will make it to the top of the list, given that the film has been in theaters for two months and has a jump of more than $150 million left. to cover , but we said the same thing last month regarding the position he held then and look how things are now.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie

The first on the list, the highest-grossing animated film in history, in case you’re wondering, is Frozen II , also from Disney and with a worldwide collection of more than 1,450 million dollars, it seems impossible to get over. Although depending on the list you look at, it is one or the other, because there are those who consider The Lion King , the 2019 remake , as an animated film and in that case, there is no worthwhile competition.

For more information, the remake of The Lion King managed to amass a fortune of more than 1,660 million dollars at its global box office. As a curiosity, it is the ninth highest grossing film in history, behind hits from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars , Jurassic World , Titanic or Avatar , among others. That said, it is a production closer to live action than to classic animation, even though it is pure CGI.

In the total list, Super Mario Bros. The film would occupy the nineteenth position, which is equally quite a feat for a film based on a video game whose script includes a three-year-old boy without getting lost, but that still has dazzled many. most of the public around the world, not to criticism. But who cares what the critics say in these cases, in which the public and, above all, the box office, speak for themselves.


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