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Synchronization between Windows 11 and iPhone is now available

Surely you will remember it, a few weeks ago we told you that the connection between Windows 11 and the iPhone was close to improving substantially . For a long time now, Phone Link (Mobile Link in the Spanish versions) has offered a huge degree of connectivity between Windows (both 10 and 11) and Android devices, something that already existed previously with the “Your Phone” application, genesis of the current Mobile Link, and which was longed for by the many users who use an iPhone and a PC with the Microsoft operating system.

We already told you, yes, that the degree of connectivity offered by this new and improved compatibility with iOS does not reach, at least for now, the level that the connection between Windows 11 and Android through Phone Link does offer , although At this point it is important to note that this limitation is not attributable to Microsoft, but to the strict policies with which Apple governs the operation of its devices and operating systems. Like this, it will be necessary that the ones of Cupertino decide to open a little more the hand so that this parity can produce, although this, at least to day of today, does not seem especially probable.

Be that as it may, said announcement marked the beginning of the deployment of this new functionality for Phone Link , without Microsoft providing precise information on the deadlines for it, although it did affirm that it would be completed by mid-May, and if it would arrive before some users than others, depending on the version of Windows 11 used, their geographical location, a simple matter of chance, and so on. This, of course, has resulted in many users waiting for the deployment to be completed or, at least, for it to reach their systems.

Well, good news for those who were waiting, since in an extremely timely manner, a tweet from Redmond confirms that the deployment of the extended connectivity between Windows 11 and iPhone through Phone Link has been completed and that Therefore, it is already possible to establish a more productive link between the most current version of Microsoft’s operating system (at least for now this has not reached Windows 10) and any iPhone model updated to iOS 14 or a higher version.

And what does this expanded connectivity between iPhone and Windows 11 through Phone Link allow you to do? Well, functions of calls, messages and access to contacts , which come to complement the integration of the Windows 11 Photos application with iCloud that was already deployed at the end of last year. However, the messaging feature is limited by iOS and does not support image/video sharing or group messaging.


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