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The new Windows 11 widgets are already very close

Surely you will remember, a few weeks ago we told you that Microsoft was working to bring back to Windows 11 one of the particularly controversial elements of Windows Vista, the widgets (then called gadgets) on the desktop. Let’s remember that we came from Windows XP SP3, an operating system that was already very mature, stable and reliable at that time, and that it had brought about an interesting aesthetic change with respect to its immediate predecessor, the not too fondly remembered Windows ME.

Windows XP had managed to garner some very positive reviews, but then Windows Vista arrived. I am not going to go into making blood with this version because that speech has already been repeated ad nauseam, suffice it to say that the best thing about it was that it gave way to Windows 7 , a system that even today can be found somewhere system, although it has not had technical support for a long time and, to be honest, the level of maturity reached by Windows 10 some time ago makes it a better option.

Be that as it may, although Windows Vista left a somewhat bitter taste in our mouths, it is fair to admit that it had some positive ideas, and that the problem with them was found in their implementation . And while saying this to those who suffered from them at the time may sound sacrilegious, the truth is that desktop widgets weren’t a bad idea, and I think there’s little better proof of that than the success of their implementation on both Android and Android. on iOS.

The new Windows 11 widgets are already very close

Well, today Windows Central anticipates that the deployment of desktop Widgets in Windows 11 is already very close . As we can read in said publication, the outlet has had access to internal Microsoft documentation that not only reconfirms the company’s objective of recovering these elements, but also clarifies that their deployment will take place soon, in a future Windows update. 11. Although there is no explicit confirmation in this regard, this leads us to think that they refer to the release of Windows 11 22H2, the major Windows update whose arrival we expect around September.

However, there is also the possibility that this new function will not be deployed together with Windows 11 22H2, but independently in a Moment, the new format chosen by Microsoft for the launch of new functions. If so, it is possible that its arrival, that of the widgets, occurs even earlier .

And why the rush to launch it? Precisely because of what I mentioned above, the great success of widgets on mobile platforms, where they have been present for a few years and are being used by users every day. Now, of course, it’s time to cross your fingers so that its implementation is more successful in Windows 11 than the one that occurred in Windows Vista, since this is what will determine its success or failure.


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