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The revamped Windows 11 Notepad hits the beta channel

Microsoft has released the new Windows 11 Notepad on the Insider program beta channel. With this, the renewed notepad reaches a greater number of users and we assume that the channel is stable once known bugs have been corrected.

Microsoft promised with Windows 11 to give a tour of the entire operating system including the applications that are delivered installed and that are part of the general user experience. Thus, we have seen the new Paint drawing / photo editor as an example and we also expect improvements in other types of software, such as system tools, see one of the great ones expected: the file explorer.

How is the Windows 11 Notepad

Notepad continues to be one of the most useful and used Windows applications that are shipped by default with the operating system. It has not been renewed for years except for small updates in Windows Vista and the truth is that it looks very old compared to third-party solutions such as Sublime Text, Atom or Notepad ++ .

The update for Windows 11 is quite a breath of fresh air because the visual section has been one of the improved sections . We see better integration with the system, revised user interface with rounded corner windows, updated menus, and a new settings page. Microsoft has used Mica, a dynamic and opaque user interface in the background of the application that changes according to the colors of the desktop background.

Another visual aspect introduced is the dark mode . You can choose to enable it through the settings page, but if you’re already using it on Windows 11 the app will inherit the option and use it by default. Font options have also increased and users can choose from various font options on the settings page.

In addition to the visuals, Microsoft has improved the search, locate and replace function, and has added support for the multi-level undo function , one of the features requested by community. While the core functionality remains unchanged (we didn’t ask much more of a basic text editor like this either), it seems like Microsoft has done a good job of bringing it up to speed.

The revamped Windows 11 Notepad hits the beta channel

This Windows 11 Notepad is now available for Insiders (Dev and Beta channels) and we hope that it will soon be able to reach the stable channel for all users. There are some known bugs, but they are minor and Microsoft asks testers for feedback on the version.



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