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The Vivaldi browser debuts in the Microsoft Store

Vivaldi is already available on the Microsoft Store , the Microsoft App Store for Windows, and a centralized repository that, for various reasons, has to continue to settle as the default alternative for installing apps on Windows.

As you know, Vivaldi is one of the most popular web browsers of the new wave that emerged from the Chromium code and, always from the distance with which Chrome dominates the landscape, one of the most interesting alternatives due to the approach it practices, in where customization and functionality are at the core of its offering.

Its latest version, Vivaldi 6.0 , came out exactly a month ago with various new features, according to the news, but if you haven’t tried it yet, don’t go to its website to download it: install it directly from the Microsoft Store if you use Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Because? Because the centralized distribution model can have its problems, but it also has its advantages, including two of the first order: accessibility and security. Accessibility, because it is much easier to search in a single site than in the entire Internet, as well as being much easier to update the applications that you have installed on your system at the stroke of a pen.

Microsoft Store

Security, because although something can always escape, all the software that is published in the Microsoft Store is monitored by Microsoft and it is more difficult for them to slip through. In any case, the lack of cleanliness can be attributed to it, in the sense of allowing applications so similar by name that they can be misleading, but they are on top of it in various aspects and it shows.

The Microsoft Store is based on the application store model popularized by Apple with its App Store and this, in turn, is based on the centralized repository model popularized by Linux for its distributions. And although there must always be the possibility of being able to get out of the norm so that they don’t lock you up, it is the most comfortable and safe model there is.

So don’t just stick with Vivaldi: check out the Microsoft Store, see how many of the apps you’ve installed elsewhere are there, and make the switch, if you haven’t already. It comes out.

By the way, along with Vivaldi you can find other web browsers in the Microsoft Store: Firefox, Brave, Opera… even Microsoft Edge is there, although it’s not necessary because Windows would embed it in your soul if it could.


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