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This could be the installation of Windows 12

Windows 12 is in development . Take it for granted. The adoption of Windows 11 is being slower than expected and Microsoft thinks of a shock with a new change in the engineering schedule that would deliver new versions every three years. The “last Windows” thing, as the executives said at the launch of Windows 10, is a thing of the past.

Except for some initial traces shown in some presentation screens last October at the Ignite professional conference and some reference in the configuration of the new Cloud PC, we do not have official confirmation of the new version, but we do have a lot of information that we collected in this special with all the what we know so far .

We haven’t seen actual screenshots or videos of the system so far, though we’ve gotten ideas of what it might look like from the creations of some of the most talented concept designers . The most recent came from Addy Visuals with a Windows 12 Concept that reimagined what Windows 11 should have been like. And it hasn’t. As we always say, creating a video, however spectacular it may be, has nothing to do with translating its operation to zeros and ones in a gigantic computer program used by tens of millions of people.

Now we have a concept from another of the best-known designers, AR 4789 , which for the occasion has adopted a different approach and instead of showing features and functions, it has focused its design mainly on the installation of Windows 12 , although we also see news in the start menu, file explorer and Settings.

And, well, they are the ones that all Windows users expect . The UI revamp implemented for Windows 11 is visually appealing, but from afar. Then you get to work with it and most long for Windows 10 and beyond for Windows 7. An unfinished system that still has a lot to do.

And also to optimize because the performance is not as good as Windows 10. There is less room for action here until Microsoft can remove legacy components that have been with us since Windows 95. The project is exciting and this is the biggest novelty in Windows for decades. If it arrives, it will do so with Windows Core OS. But that will be another chapter. We leave you the video of the concept with the installation of Windows 12.


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