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Tired of your Tesla? Not as much as this finnish

Over the years, Tesla has managed to become one of the most media brands in its sector , to the point that even people with little or no interest in it The motor world knows perfectly both the company and the differential aspects of its cars with respect to those of other manufacturers. And it would be unfair not to give him the credit for having managed to build such an attractive image for many, and for turning their cars into tremendously aspirational products.

Now, that image does not always correspond to the experience of owning a Tesla . In recent years we have already told you some notable cases, such as the absence of USB ports in some of the cars delivered in recent weeks, or functions called Autopilot or Full Self-Driving that, despite indicating with their name that they offer a fully autonomous driving system, in reality they are only assistants who, in no case, allow them to take their hands off the wheel and, even less, stop paying attention.

Another problem that some users have to face is the high cost that visits to the technical service can have . This is not unique to Tesla, it actually happens with any premium brand, but in the Tesla chao its battery system can send bills, if replacement is necessary, to a stratospheric level. So much so that some users look for cheaper options, others decide that it is not worth making that investment, and some of these decide to sign a grand finale.

Tired of your Tesla? Not as much as this finnish

Such is the case of Tuomas Katainen, a Finnish former owner of a Tesla Model S who, in this situation, chose to give his car an unusual finish . And is that after having used the car for a while, error messages began to appear, so he had to go to a Tesla technical service. There, after checking the vehicle, they told him that had to change the batteries, and that the cost of this operation was at least 20,000 euros . A price not too far from what it can cost to get a similar second-hand model in the Nordic country.

Katainen, not overly satisfied with his experience with the Tesla Model S, made the decision not to perform the repair and, in an unexpected turn of the script, contacted a YouTube channel specializing in blowing things up. The objective, you can imagine: to mark out his car with explosives, surround it with cameras , invite some people to the event and that, when the time comes, someone will press a button (or a switch, I don’t know). As a result, in a matter of seconds 30 kilos of dynamite reduced the car to a debris storm .

The video, which you can see on YouTube , begins with Katainen talking about his experience and the reasons that led him to make this decision, and later show us the detonation captured by several different cameras. speeds . For the detonation, a quarry located in the south of the country was chosen and, in case you are wondering, after the detonation those responsible collected all the remains of the explosion.



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