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Twitter users denounce the reappearance of deleted messages

Does that sound like “what we do in this life, has its echo in eternity”? It’s one of the best-known lines from Gladiator , but get all the poetry out of it, because had the Internet existed at the time the Ridley Scott film is based on, the story would have been very different and not exactly for the better, although there would be a bit of everything.

For example, it would have been possible that Máximo Décimo Meridio himself had an account on Twitter and that the phrase in question would not have been pronounced with stoic pride and some hope, but rather with the regret of someone who has released something highly inappropriate on the social network. of the little bird and it is being cancelled.

Is it your case? In other words, are you one of those Twitter users who over time have deleted some message or other out of regret, or simply by mistake? Well, beware of the data, because what no one could expect is happening : many users report having come across messages that they thought had been deleted , but have returned from oblivion.

Many users, literally: at least 400 have reported the problem, so who knows how many find themselves in the same situation without realizing it. That is, it is not an isolated error, but a failure that can be very serious, depending on the consequences that it uncovers.

According to the security expert who has suffered and investigated the case and who is now denouncing it, only among his circles of contacts on Twitter , he estimates that up to a million tweets could have been restored , a million messages published on the platform and that they had been deleted by their authors. He himself ensures that all his tweets have appeared after deleting them.

That is the crux of the matter and the reason for such huge numbers: this developer had published more than 34,000 tweets until, like many other users, he was scared off the social network, once Elon Musk took over the reins of the business. Thus, although many people report that the tweets that are resurfacing date from last November 2022, it is obvious that the problem is deeper.

Not only that: it can become a problem of the first magnitude for Twitter, because if the deletion does not work as it is supposed to and there is some kind of permanent data backup, they have deceived their users forever, in addition to having violated international regulations of all kinds, including the European GDPR.


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