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What are the advantages of a high-bandwidth Internet connection?

An Internet connection can have a certain speed, and this will depend on many factors , among which we can highlight the rate that we have contracted with our provider, the service that it is capable of really offering us (the real speed that we receive), and also of the devices and components that we use to connect.

For example, if we have an Internet connection with 900 Mbps download speed but we use a very old router that is not capable of working with that bandwidth, we will have a problem, since we will not be taking advantage of the real speed that we have available. We can also have bottlenecks derived from the use of inadequate cables and connectors that cannot reach that speed, or even from obsolete network cards and standards.

If everything is in order, and the configuration is correct, a high-bandwidth Internet connection should work at the maximum speed set by our provider. We can check it by doing a speed test, but are you clear about the advantages offered by such a fast connection ?

It is a subject that, for some, still continues to generate doubts, in fact, whenever I meet someone new and the subject comes up, they ask me why I have contracted such a high speed, and if it is really necessary to get to that point . I understand that some of you will also have doubts about this subject, and that is why I wanted to shape this article, where we are going to discover what advantages it offers to have an Internet connection with such a high bandwidth.

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Advantages of a high-bandwidth Internet connection

  1. Heavy downloads in minutes or even seconds: this is the most important advantage for me and the main reason why I have contracted a 900 Mbps connection. With this huge bandwidth I can download games from Steam in a few minutes , and large files in just a few seconds. Much lower bandwidth can cause those downloads to take several hours.
  2. It allows streaming UHD content to be played on various devices: this is another important advantage, and that is that with the speed of my connection, I can rest easy when we start playing high-resolution content at home through streaming services. You don’t need 900 Mbps for this, but having that much free bandwidth also allows me to have other things in the background.
  3. Greater number of users and simultaneous downloads: when we have several people using the same Internet connection, or if we have several downloads open, we are consuming more bandwidth. Having a high-bandwidth connection will ensure that the user experience is not affected, and that everything works perfectly, even under scenarios of intensive use.

If you are not sure what speed of Internet connection you need, do not worry, in this article you will find all the information you need to get it right. If you have any questions , you can leave them in the comments.

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