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What are we looking for on the Internet in 2021? Google tells us

Year after year, it is most interesting to give a review of the most popular searches in Google , since it provides us, at a glance, not just a handful of Memories of what happened in the last 12 months, they also give us a global photo of the year, which is most interesting. At Google, of course, they are very aware of this, to the point that with those of 2021, there are already 21 years of which we can consult the history .

And what have we searched the most this year on Google? Well, if we stick to the data from the search engine, it seems that our main concern during 2021 was the weather , more specifically the weather that would be the next day. It may have to do with the snowfall at the beginning of the year, with the heat of this summer or, simply, with knowing if we could put the washing machine that night, counting on laying it out to dry the next day outside. Whatever it is, the gold medal goes to “What the weather will be tomorrow.”

The remaining four positions are all related to sport , with the Eurocup and La Liga in second and third place, and Real Madrid and Roland Garros in fourth and fifth. And the most striking thing is that, unlike what happened last year, none of the first results of a general nature is related to the coronavirus, in what seems like one more sample of the extent to which its presence among us has already normalized.

What are we looking for on the Internet in 2021? Google tells us

This is further confirmed if we review the rest of the categories compiled by Google, and is that of the six only two have, among their first five results, a search related to the coronavirus , those related to when we should get vaccinated and why the vaccine can cause arm pain. This does not mean, of course, that COVID-19 no longer matters to us, but it does mean that, it seems, our level of doubts has decreased substantially from one year to the next.

As you can see in the list, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, much of the interest has fallen on sports , although leaving room, of course, for other notable aspects of the year, ranging from La Palma volcano until the premiere and popularization of The Squid Game, surely the most viral series of the year.

What are we looking for on the Internet in 2021? Google tells us

The global results have more categories, which reminds us of more current events of this 2021 that were searched in Google, such as the terrible accident of Alec Baldwin or the recent premiere of the fourth Cobra Kai season. Of course, we also see that sports were the protagonists of the five most common searches. And if you take a look at the most wanted teams, you will see that two of the five are Spanish. So that later they say that we do not export anything.

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