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WhatsApp confirms Chat Lock, conversations protected by password

WhatsApp has never been on the list of instant messaging services considered to be the most privacy protectors . This is logical and we have already commented on it on previous occasions, and it is that for many years, probably due to the insouciance of being the leading service in its market, its managers barely worked on providing it with new functions, while its main competitors did. that they stepped on the accelerator in that sense, and not only in terms of privacy, but also in the addition of new (and in many cases expected) functions. However, a couple of years ago this began to change substantially .

The most recent example of this can be found in the deployment, a few weeks ago, of the expected “companion mode” , which is the name that Meta has given to the function that, finally, allows the same WhatsApp account to be used in two or more smartphones, thus completing the multi-device synchronization function, launched in November 2021 . More recently, we have learned that the company tests a direct transfer mode (without going through the cloud) of the history between devices on the local network, which also tests the transcription of audio notes , which has deployed the beta version for WhatsApp web and that there is already a beta version for Wear OS . They are certainly working hard.

Among these new functions, at the beginning of last month we told you about a function, which they were beginning to test , and which would allow us to protect certain conversations from the eyes of others , using either a password or the biometric identification system of the device in which we use the service. Undoubtedly, the level of privacy provided by a function like this raises the overall rating of the service by many integers.

WhatsApp confirms Chat Lock, conversations protected by password

Well, when only a little over a month has passed since this function was detected, in tests, for the first time, it is already official. As we can read in the official Meta blog , WhatsApp has already started the deployment of Chat Lock, the function that allows you to protect conversations . As we can read in said publication, from now on users will have a folder in which they can save the conversations they want to protect.

In this first phase of its implementation, it seems that Chat Lock will use the PIN configured on the device on which we are using WhatsApp, but future plans include the possibility of using an independent key , so that even if someone has access to the content of our devices, you cannot access these conversations unless you have the specific unlock key for them.

In addition, as we can read, when a conversation is in said folder , additional information about it will not be shown in notifications (such as the user name and the content of the message). Certainly, it must be recognized that, at this point, it seems that they have done a good job, something that is worth celebrating.


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